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[hemmerling] Microsoft .NET Framework 2/3

.NET IDEs & Compilers

  • Once there were free development tools by Borland / Inprise Corporation / Borland / CodeGear / Embarcadero Technologies.
    1. “Borland Turbo C# Explorer”.
    2. “C#Builder Personal Edition”.

.NET Development Tools

.NET Decompiler

FxCop - Free Static code Analysis Tool for .NET Binaries

FxCop - The Tool
FxCop - Resources


  • The commercial NCover - Code coverage tool. “A tool to tell you how much of your program is covered by your automatic tests. Instruments source code prior to running unit tests to establish test coverage.* Nant integration* For use with continuous integration builds”.
  • The latest free legacy OpenSource edition NCover Community, Sourceforge "NCover", Sourceforge "NCover".

Some other .NET Tools

.NET Application and .NET Components



.NET Frameworks

"Inversion of control" Frameworks



MVVM Framworks

SDKs for Third-Party Hardware


Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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