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[hemmerling] Application Lifecycle Management ( ALM ) 2/2

MicroFocus / Hewlett-Packard 2/2

Automation & Scripting for Hewlett-Packard Application Lifecycle Management

OTA ( Open Test Architecture )

OTA 12.20, 2015
    • “The OTAClient.dll is downloaded to the following folder: 'C:\Users\<client user name>\AppData\Local\HP\ALM-Client\<server name>\OTAClient.dll'” ( e.g “C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\HP\ALM-Client\localhost\OTAClient.dll” ).
    • The online HTML documents about OTA feature many VBScript examples & many C# examples.
OTA 11.52, 2013
  • “Z:\ALM_Win32\TARGETDIR\resources\docs\” of the HPQC11.52 ISO image contains all documentation, including a complete PDF and HTML documentation.
    • The online HTML documents about OTA feature many VBScript examples & a single C# example.
OTA 10, Microsoft Help ( OTA_API_Reference.chm ), 2009
OTA 9.2, Microsoft Help ( OTA_API_Reference.chm, ... ), 2007
OTA 8, 2005

MicroFocus / HP ALM REST API


VBScript Editors

  • You may use VBScript scripts to implement a tool-internal workflow.
  • For accessing and controlling HPQC from outside by OTA or REST interface, you may use “any” software platform ( e.g. VBScript, C#, Python, Java,..).
Built-in WorkFlow Script Editor
  • “HPQC Community Edition 12.20” is shipped - as earlier editions too - with the Microsoft Script Editor.
    1. Login with the “ALM Desktop Client”.
    2. Click on the gear-wheel in the right top corner
    3. Select tbe menu item “Customize...”, so that the screen “Application Lifecycle Management - Customization” is displayed.
    4. Click on the item “Workflow”, so that the screen “Workflow” is displayed.
    5. Click on the link “Script Editor. Enables you to write VBScript code for all modules. You can also sue the Script Editor to modify the script generated4 by the above tools”. The VBScript editor loads in an extra Windows window.
    6. Click on the red window close button [x] in the right upper corner to close the tool.
    7. Click on the link “Return” in the upper right corner of the browser application, to return to the application.
  • There is no “File / Load” menu item. So you may import data by copy+paste via Clipboard, but you can´t load a file :-(. File saving is supported.
External VBScript Editors
  • The Shareware VBScript editor VbsEdit for Windows.
    • “The evaluation version never expires”.
    • For calling 64-bit only HPQC12 by 32-bit only OTA API ( of HPQC12 ), you must run the 32-bit edition of VbsEdit, i.e. “VbsEdit 32-bit” ( at mouse-rightclick ).
  • “Microsoft Script Editor”.
    • With German “Microsoft Word 2000”, it is available at the menu item “Extras Makro / Microsoft Skript-Editor” :-). At ”? / Info” it calls itself “Microsoft Entwicklungsumgebung 6.0”.
    • I was told by experts, that Microsoft offers / offered an affordable license to integrate the “Microsoft Script Editor” into software applications, and so to ship the binary applications with integrated “Microsoft Script Editor”. This might be useful if the application can be controlled from external VBScript scripts by Windows interface.

Calling HPQC via OTA Interface by VBScript Scripts

Prepare for calling of HPQC via OTA Interface
How to run a VBScript with OTA Communications from Console, with 64-bit Win7 / Win8
  • Search for Programs
    • For Win7, execute “Start / Run”
    • For Win8.
      • Please click on “Windows” button.
      • On the blue Windows app screen, please click on the search button “Magnifying Glass”.
  • Type ”%windir%\SysWoW64\cmd.exe” and click on the “Ok” button, to launch 32-bit COMMAND.COM.
  • Execute your script: “cscript vbscriptfile.vbs”.
How to run a all VBScripts scripts by 32-bit WSH, with 64-bit Win7 / Win8
  • Call “Regedit”.
  • Modify the Registry key „HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\VBSFile\Shell\Open\Command”
    • From '%SystemRoot%\System32\WScript.exe ”%1”%*'.
    • To '%SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\WScript.exe ”%1”%*'.
How to run a VBScript with OTA Communications from a VBScript Editor, with 64-bit Win7 / Win8
  • You must run the 32-bit edition of Shareware VBScript editor “VbsEdit” ( i.e. “VbsEdit 32-bit” at mouse-rightclick ), to address 64-bit only HPQC12 via 32-bit only OTA API of HPQC12.

First Steps

Dim QCConnection
Set QCConnection = CreateObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")
MsgBox("Connect to QC Server")
QCConnection.InitConnectionEx "http://localhost:8080/qcbin"
MsgBox("Connection Established.")

QCConnection.login "sa", "123456789012"
MsgBox("Login Authenticated.")


    • “Users of HP Quality Center (HP QC) who do workflow programming often suffer from the very limited – not to say: lacking – support that HP QC offers for debugging of workflow code. It can easily happen that programmers spend hours in search of a tiny but nasty defect”.
    • “But there is help that greatly improves workflow programming and debugging in HP QC: You may use Microsoft Visual Studio (MVS) as a debugging environment for HP QC workflow programs. You can then add breakpoints, inspect variables, step through programs, and much more”.


VBA, Excel VBA
General + VBScript

Hewlett-Packard WinRunner

"Hewlett-Packard LoadRunner" - Commercial Edition and free "Hewlett-Packard LoadRunner Community Edition"

The Tool

Download of "HP LoadRunner Community Edition"

  • Hewlett-Packard "Loadrunner Trials" - A free time-unlimited edition of “LoadRunner Community Edition”, a 32-bit / 64-bit Windows application, is available for download. Features:
    • “Free for unlimited time - Available with 50 virtual users (VUsers)”.
    • “All protocols included except DCOM and GUI”.
  • On my Athlon XP2400 computer, the software may be installed improperly ( while some process crashes happen during installation with “APPCRASH” messages ), but aborts when excuted ( with “APPCRASH” messages ) :-(.

Free Training



Hewlett-Packard QuickTest Pro

The Tool
Free Trainings


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