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[hemmerling] Project Management Software & Software to be used in Projects

Classical Project Management Software

  1. The free Eclipse-based Avenqo PEP Community Edition for Java - “Avenqo PEP, the Project Engineering Platform”. You have to apply for a free licence. You are asked to do so, by the application.
    • Support of the complete development by various integrated functionalities:
      • Requirements Management.
      • Test Management.
      • Collaboration Management.
    • Sample Project “Funny Car” - user: “Admin”, password: “admin”.
  2. The free feature-limited braintool software GmbH "A-Plan Free" for Windows.
  3. Advanced Time Reports for Windows - “An intuitive time tracking & project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours”.
    • ATR Personal.
    • ATR Web Personal.
      • Once there was a free “ATR Web Personal” edition.
      • The free service getATR - “A FREE ONLINE Service which helps you to manage your projects, receive updates, create reports and view your schedules - all remotely from any place in the world. GetATR is based on Advanced Time Reports Web - web-application with advanced functionality, reports, calendar, rounding rules, comparing clients and projects to each other”.
  4. The free “Cando Free” / “Can Do Free” by Can Do GmbH.
    • Can Do "Projektmanagement-Software für den unternehmensweiten Einsatz" - “Cando bietet darüber hinaus eine kostenlose, eingeschränkt nutzbare „Freeware“ für kleine Unternehmen an. Über 5.000 Interessenten haben die „Freeware“ bereits von der Can Do Webseite downgeloadet und installiert”, 2008-01-24.
    • Brothersoft "Cando Free 3.1", for 2 users, can handle up to 2 projects. If you want to start a third project, you either need another ( virtual ) PC with a fresh installation of cando, or you must delete one of the two projects. “cando free” 3.1 is a Java 1.4.2 application for W2k, WinXP only. Minimum screen resolution: 1024×768.
    • Unique selling proposition ( USP ): With CanDo, you can do diffuse planning :-)
  5. The free CodeGrid Software "Quick2Do" for Windows - “Offers you a fast and simpler method of recording your to do list”.
  6. The free 10-users Journyx Timesheet for Windows.
  7. The free organizer Memoirs2000 Lite for Windows.
  8. The free ( 1-user edition ) MicroTOOL in-Step Personal Edition for Windows #.
  9. “Open Workbench”.
  10. The OpenSource ]project-open[ - “Open Source Solution for Project Management”.
  11. Senomix Timesheets for Windows.
    • A fully functional Evaluation Version is provided free of charge for 2 users and up to 10 timesheets.
    • Legacy free versions work with up to 3 or even up to 5 users.
  12. The affordable commercial SmartWorks Enterprise Edition for Windows - Project Planner, Smart Tracker, Meeting Manager.
  13. The Opensource Syntap Software "Time Stamp" for Windows - Time tracking software, “donationware” business model.
  14. The free software & free online service 6 Wunderkinder "Wunderlist - your free and easy-to-use task manager" for Windows, Linux, Android.

Project Management Software for Scrum & Agile Development & eXtreme Programming (XP)

  1. The OpenSource Rubyforge "eXPlain Project Management Tool" in Ruby & Ruby on Rails - “A web-based application built using the Ruby on Rails framework that supports the eXtreme Programming development methodology”.
  2. The free ( 3-users edition ) Goda Software, Inc. "SCRUM Spec" for Windows with .NET 2.0 - “Simple, Affordable, Agile Enterprise Project Management Software”, “Manage Requirements, User Stories and Features backlogs”.
    • How to start a project:
      1. Call the client, it asks for username and password.
      2. “To create a new project, enter 'new' in the User Name field. A password is not required. Click Ok”.
      3. By the project definition, you grant a user name and a password für the project manager of the project ( for subsequent logins ).
  3. The OpenSource IceScrum - “An J2EE application for using Scrum while keeping the spirit of a collaborative workspace. It also offers virtual boards with post-its for sprint backlog, product backlog and others”.
  4. The OpenSource Sourceforge "MASE: Agile Software Engineering", Sourceforge "MASE: Agile Software Engineering" - “The MASE project investigates methods to support the coordination and executable acceptance testing of software projects”.
  5. The free EMC Consulting "Scrum for Team System" - “Agile Software Development Methodology add-in” for Visual Studio Team System on Windows.
  6. Eclipse.
  7. The free ProjectCards Free for Windows & Linux - “The free version of ProjectCards can be used by a team of two users and is limited to servers hosting 4 projects with a maximum of 200 cards per project. It is also not possible to edit definition of the custom fields”.
  8. The OpenSource Redmine, written in Ruby on Rails.
  9. The OpenSource ScrumWiki in Perl for Linux & Windows.
  10. The free ScrumWorks Basic for Windows and Linux.
  11. The OpenSource Trac in Python for Linux & Windows - “An enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects”, “Integrated SCM & Project Management”.
  12. The OpenSource XPlanner, Codehaus Foundation "XPlanner", Sourceforge "XPlanner", Sourceforge "XPlanner" - “Planning and tracking tool for agile teams following XP or Scrum”.
  13. The OpenSource Sourceforge "XPWeb", Sourceforge "XPWeb" in PHP - “A web-based tool to manage eXtreme Programming projects”.

Just-Commercial Project Management Software

  • The commercial Microsoft Project.
  • The commercial ACTANO RPlan can handle multi-level project dependancies. In opposite to Microsoft Project, if you accept a delay of a date, the other dates are not delayed too !
  • The commercial server application Projektron GmbH "Projektron BCS" written in Java - strong points: time estimation & time tracking, financial project effort estimation, bugtracking.
    • Since 2012-05-01, there is an affordable “Projektron BCS.start” entry-edition, as online service ( software-as-a-service ). Unfortunately, it does not support SCRUM :-(.

On-Demand Online Services

General Team Collaboration & Team Project Services

Commercial Portal Servers for Schools

Task and Time Management

Project Management, Release Management, Test Management

  • The free and commercial online service DashDojo.
    • Mit diesem kostenlosen und einfachen Online-Tool kannst Du Aufgaben, Projekte und Dein Team jederzeit von unterwegs online organisieren”.
    • Free account: ”25 Team-Mitglieder gratis einladen. ​Unbegrenzt viele Aufgaben delegieren. 1 Gigabyte kostenloser Speicherplatz. ​​3 Projekte gleichzeitig anlegen
    • Business account, as of 2020-10: 997 EUR/a.
  • JetBRAINS YouTRACK - “Agiles Projekt-Management”.
    • The free software with a free 10-user pack.
    • The commercial online service, with trial period offer.
  • The commercial online service
  • Scrumy.
    • The free and commercial service Scrumy.
      • “The original version of Scrumy is and will always be available for free. However, we did take some time to add a few extra features which you can get by clicking the upgrade link on your project. You can upgrade for $7/month, or $5/month if you prepay for a year”.
      • With the free version, there is unlimited read/write access for anybody who knows or can “guess” the project name, i.e. the URL... :-(.
    • The just-commercial online service Scrumwise - Better Scrum.
    • The free software “Go (Agile Continuous Delivery)”.
    • The free software “Twist: Agile Software Testing”.
    • The commercial online service & commercial software “Mingle: Agile Project Management”.
  • The commercial work management platform wrike, now part of Citrix with free basic account.

Event Management ( of Barcamps, OpenSpaces, Conferences,.. )

Issue Trackers, Bugtrackers

Commercial Issue Trackers, Bugtrackers

Free Issue Trackers, Bugtrackers

Team Software




Timebox Software

How to select a Project Management Software

  • Concept: For every level of maturity ( of the organisation, of the individual people ), there is a corresponding suitable project management software. E.g. for the lowest level of maturity, standalone project management softwaretools ( spreadsheets, Microsoft Project, some standalone OpenSource project management software.. ) used by individuals are the right choice :-)


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