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Team Tools



  • The commercial Social Network platform BCSW by OrbiTeam Software GmbH & Co. KG - “Groupware for efficient teamwork and document management”.
    • BSCW Shared Workspace Server ( Demo, Registration ), BSCW Shared Workspace Server ( Demo, Login ) - Public online demo server with the option to register for a free account.
    • Commercial online service.
    • Free edition:
      • “BSCW kostenfrei erhalten. BSCW 5.2 Classic oder BSCW 7.0 Social for FREE. kostenfreie Installation auf eigenem Server”.
      • “Voraussetzungen: Privatpersonen (bis maximal 5 Benutzer), kleinere Projekte / Unternehmen mit maximal 5 Benutzern”
    • “Limitierungen: BSCW Free beschränkt sich auf eine Auswahl an Basisfunktionalitäten: Dokumentenverwaltung, Kommunikation, Wikis”.

Cerberus Helpdesk ( Cerb )

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Collanos Workplace

Collaborative Virtual Workspace (CVW)

  • Sourceforge "CVW", Sourceforge "CVW" - “The Collaborative Virtual Workspace is a software environment that provides a “virtual building” where teams can communicate, collaborate, and share information, regardless of their geographic location”.

CommSy ( Community System )


  • The OpenSource GROUP-E Collaboration Software by endo7 gmbh, Bolzano/Italy - “Open Source Groupware mit Projektmanagement, CRM und Filezugriff”.
    • But as of 2011-03, there is still no capacity planning for projects ( i.e. no GANTT plan ).

IBM Rational Jazz Technology Platform




Oracle Team Productivity Center ( Oracle TPC, OTPC )


  • The OpenSource TU München "UNICASE".
    • “CASE-Tool integrating models from the different development acitivities, such as requirements, use cases, UML models, schedules, bug and feature models into a unified model. This unified model is highly traceable by design”.
    • “We recommend to download the 'Eclipse Modeling Tools' Edition from the Eclipse download site since it already contains all plugins UNICASE requires”.
    • Eclipse-based client.
    • Server.


Zimbra Collaboration Server, Open Source Edition

  • Zimbra Collaboration Server, Open Source Edition - “The most capable open source email and collaboration suite available today. Far outstripping what is possible with simple open source mail servers, Zimbra provides organizations major productivity boosts with global address lists, shared calendars and document management on the web or offline with Zimbra Desktop.”

Online Collaboration Services

Commercial Online Collaboration Services

Commercial Online Collaboration Services with Taskboard Approach

Free Online Collaboration Services

Just-commercial Online Collaboration Services


Workplace ( Management ) Software, Workplace Software


Experts for Workplace Software


Forums, Newsgroups, Communities


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