[hemmerling] Audiovision 5/9 - Video Tools II

Digital Video ( DV, DVI ) Videomaking

DVI Cameras

Firewire Hardware

DVI / Firewire Software

Video Hardware, also for use with OBS Video Broadcasting

Multimedia / Video Controller / Video Mixer

    • “Introducing low cost multi camera live production with advanced broadcast features”.
    • “Simply connect ATEM Mini and you can switch live between 4 high quality video camera inputs in dramatically better quality images. You can even connect to a computer to present PowerPoint slides or add a gaming console. The built in DVE allows exciting picture in picture effects, perfect for live commentary! There's loads of video effects too! To live stream, ATEM Mini has a USB output that works like a webcam, so you can connect to any video software. There's also HDMI video out for projectors!”.

HDMI Repeater

HDMI Video Capture to USB Video

Smartphone Interface with 1/4" Worm

Lighting by Ringlight

  • If you put the ( small ) camera between a “ringlight” with 30cm diameter:
    • No shadow, more uniformly lighting, no brightness gradient.
    • By that, it is easier and by that less CPU-power and power-consuming for the greenscreen software function ( of OBS,..) to create a proper greenscreen :-).

Alternatives to Bluescreen & Greenscreen

  • Just put an extralarge TV set ( of 75”,..) in the back of the actors :-).

Video Software

Video Drivers & Video Trick Tools

  • The free ManyCam - “Use your webcam with multiple applications at the same time and add cool graphics to your webcam video window”.

Video Encoders & Video Players

  • The OpenSource MPlayer for Windows.
  • The free Google Hangout - Firefox plugin for Firefox running on WinXP, “Google voice and video chat”. It has an “On air” feature that causes Google+ Hangouts to record your Hangout session directly to YouTube. You can use the “Screenshare” feature inside Google+ Hangouts to easily record a tutorial session.

Saving and Re-Encoding of YouTube Online Videos

Recommendation - Downloads original Files which play the same way than the original

No true Recommendation - Useless Re-Encoding

    • Download and conversion of YouTube MP4-Videos ( as original MP4, AVI, MP4, WMV ) :-).
    • No storage of Flash videos in a Flash format :-).

Video Encoders

Video Players

Industry Standard Standalone Video Players

Some other Standalone Players

Players for Internet-based Services ( Streaming Media as a Service )

Browser- and Database based Video Player

Video Players Components for Integration into Applications

  • The OpenSource FFmpeg - “A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video”.

Video Frameworks

Video Framework Software

Internet Messenger, IP Telephony, Video Conferencing, Voice Over IP, Unified Messaging, Unified Communications

Solutions to transfer a PC display on a TV set as video


Some other Video and Audio Tools

  • Freemake "Freeware Downloads" - “True Next Level Freeware. Freemake has provided high quality freeware to over 180 million users worldwide since 2010. Safe & reliable free software without registration, time limitations, or hidden costs. Download and use our free Video Converter, Video Downloader, YouTube Converter, Audio Converter and Free Music Player!”.

Adobe Multimedia Players

Adobe Flash

  • Adobe Flash Player is the latest edition for W2k ( 10.2 failed on W2k, and 11.1 fail on W2k ).
  • “Important Reminder: Flash Player’s end of life is 31 December 2020” :-(.
  • ActionScript.org - “Flash, Flex and ActionScript Community. Tutorials, Support, Open Source & More”.
  • Important IDEs for Flash, according to Adobe staff members:
    • The free IDE FDT Free for Actionscript, Flash, Flex, MXML, HaXe development.
    • The commercial IDE IntelliJ IDEA 11 Ultimate Edition supports Actionscript & Flash & Flex development ( but not the Community Edition :-( ).
  • The free Youtube-to-MP3 audio conversion service ListenToYouTube.com.

Adobe Shockwave

  • Adobe Shockwave is unsupported on W2k, but installs and runs on W2k.

Adobe AIR

Adobe Flex



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