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Delta Engine

The Company

The SDK Platforms


Game Platform






The Company, the Tool, the official Community

The Software Ecosystem

The Tool

The commercial "Playmaker" Plugin

MixedRealityToolkit ( MRTK )



Experts, Trainers and Users



Tips, Tricks, Errors

    • “If you choose to 'Download and Import' rather than just 'Download' it will place a copy in your project folder. Otherwise, the files are not tied to any particular project, so they are placed int he shared data folder on your local machine”.
    • Just some examples of the download path for complete projects:
      • “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Unity\AssetStore\”.
        • “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Unity\AssetStore\Unity Technologies\Complete ProjectsTutorials”.
        • “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Unity\AssetStore\Allegorithmic\Complete ProjectsUnity Tech Demos”.
        • “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Unity\AssetStore\bisaniyehocam\Complete ProjectPacks”.
        • “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Unity\AssetStore\Exit Games\Complete Projects”.
        • “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Unity\AssetStore\Exit Games\Complete ProjectsTemplates”.
  • On Win8, during software installation, Unity stores a demo project at “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Unity Projects”.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Graphics Requirements

  • In case of an unsupported graphics card, or forcing unsupported graphics option ( in my case by calling Unity with command line parameter ”-force-opengl” ), Unity displays the message “Unsupported graphics card. Unity Editor requires DX9 level graphics card (shader model 2.0). All graphics cards made since 2004 should be ok” and “Your graphics card is: GDI Generic”.

Legacy Hardware

  • On my legacy Win7 computer with “Athlon XP2400” CPU, 3 GB RAM, “NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS/XT” graphics card with 512 MBytes RAM:
    • Unity 3D version 2.6.1f3 works fine.
      • After installation, Unity shows the snag screen “Unity v2.x. This version of Unity requires authorisation for use of it. Please press the 'Register' button to begin the authorization process. A one time 30-days free trial is available for everyone</del>”.
      • Indeed, free operation of Unity is offered by registration anyhow ( ”[x] Activate the free version of Unity” ).
    • Unity 3D versions 4.2, 4.15,..3.0 install, but the Unity editor crashes immediately when called, by an “APPCRASH” error message.

Iron Python for Unity

Unity Javascript ( formerly: UnityScript )


The Language






Unreal Engine

The Tool

  • Unreal Engine for Win7 and MacOSX - “Now FREE. FREE for game development. FREE for Virtual Reality. FREE for education. FREE for architecture. FREE for film. Pay a 5% royalty on games and applications you release. We succeed when you succeed”.

Blueprints Visual Scripting


3D GameStudio ( formerly: "Game Studio 3D" )

The Tool


Comparison of the Shareware version of "Gamestudio 3D" ( 1996 ) and the Trial Edition of "3D Gamestudio" ( 2000 )

Shareware version Trial version
Release date 1996-01-30 2000
WED editor conitec WEDS restricted world editor Vers. 2.9 1996 WED demo/trial version 4.3
3D engine runtime conitec ACKNEX virtual game engine V3.302 - NONREGISTERED VERSION A4 engine V4.181
Level editor yes yes
Modell editor no yes
Number of levels 1 unlimited ?
Maximum number of vertics ( walls + things + actors ) per level 1000 unlimited ?
Maximum resolution 320×400 640×480
Colors 256 64K
Light sources ? white
Transparency ? fixed 50%
Particles ? yes
Actors, weapons Sprites Sprites, modells
Maps no yes
FLIC player no no
AVI scene player no no
CD audio support no no
Operating system MSDOS ( protected mode ), DOS box of WIN95/98 WIN95/98, W2K
Sound card support Soundblaster, Adlib, Roland MPU Windows audio devices
( but not Gravis Ultrasound, Microsoft SoundSystem )
2 player mode no yes ( split screen )
Several windows no no
Client/Server mode no no
Controlling of external devices no no
Resource compiler no no
File packer no no
Watermark in frame at runtime no yes
Technical support (by E-Mail) no no
Publication no no
Expiration of the runtime engine never 30 days
Expiration of the runtime engine never some minutes


  • Robert Jäger - A3 Tools, AckWii Plugin...
  • The shareware version of 3D GameStudio does not make use of models ( .mdl files ), but the current 3D GameStudio version does, indeed !

Some other Game Engines

Physical Engines

Game Research / Game Theory


Forums, Newsgroups

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