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[hemmerling] Espressif Systems ( ESP8266, ESP32,.. )

The CPUs

Hardware Boards

Modules by Espressif Systems


      • Espressif Systems "Espressif's AWS IoT ExpressLink Solution" - “ESP32-C3-AWS-ExpressLink-DevKit. The ESP32-C3-AWS-ExpressLink-DevKit is a development board that hosts Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink module. It can be used with an external host MCU for easy evaluation and prototyping. The pin layout of ESP32-C3-AWS-ExpressLink-DevKit is compatible with that of the Arduino Zero development board and, therefore, it can be directly plugged into the Arduino Zero board, or be easily connected to other host MCUs, such as the Raspberry Pi”.
    • Specs:
      • 400 Kbyte RAM on the ESP32 chip.
      • 4, 8, 16 MBytes of FlashMemory on the module.
    • Modules:
      • ESP32-WROOM Series - Suggested to buy :-).
      • ESP32-WROVER Series.
      • ESP32-MINI Series.

Sales of "ESP32-DevKits Espressiv"

Modules by DOIT


Sales of "DOIT Esp32 DevKit v1"



Module "NodeMCU ESP8266"

NodeMCU ESP8266 with CP2102 USB

NodeMCU ESP8266 with CH340G USB ( not recommended )

NodeMCU ESP8266


Module "ESP8266MOD Cloudino"


Makerfabs - ESP32 3.5" TFT Touch Screen


Additional Hardware I/O Kits


Software, Programming Languages

  • C ⇒ See [cpp.html|C, C++ for Windows & MSDOS]].
  • FORTH ⇒ See FORTH 1/7.
    • FORTH fans point to the fact, that most other implementations of programming languages ( including Lua, see Lua & eLua ) for ESP boards are too bulky and don't provide enough space for application code :-(.
  • Lua & eLua ⇒ See Lua & eLua 1/3.
  • Micropython ⇒ See Python 1/10.
  • Toit ⇒ See Toit.

Projects suitable for ESP32

Realtime Operating Systems ( RTOS )

Web UI

ESP32 online Emulation with WokWi



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