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Standards & Guides

  1. “FORTH77”, 1977, just an interim version of the later “FORTH79”
  2. “FORTH78”, 1978, just an interim version of the later “FORTH79”.
  3. “FORTH79”, 1979.
  4. “FORTH83”, 1983.
  5. “ANS Forth” aka “ANS94 FORTH”, 1994.
  6. ISO Forth” ( = ANS FORTH ), 1997.
  7. “Forth 200x”, “Forth2012”.

Famous Quotations and Statements

Famous Quotations, by Chuck Moore

  • “I started the same time as Bill Gates. He took a different strategy. He was selling operating systems and I didn’t believe in operating systems. I was selling applications and I could only sell as many applications as I could program; or as Forth, Inc. could program. Boy did I miss the boat there. We could’ve sold Forth as an operating system, as a programming language, as a development system and we didn’t. So I guess he deserves the fifty billion dollars or hundred billion or whatever he’s got. But I had the fun”.
  • “A Forth application can take 1% the code employed by the same application written in C”.

Famous Statements

  • “Non-FORTH developers are stuck in a pattern of thinking, of thinking in variables, constants, functions, and structures. Think in words and what's happening on the stack, variables and constants are not the core business in FORTH. In small programs you can do without, if you want to. This will come at the expense of readability. If a non-FORTH developers gives a FORTH developer a bit of forth code in PASCAL style, then the FORTH developer can show how to convert this to a stack solution”.
  • “ANS Forth was a great idea” ?! :-) :-( ??

Organisations, People, Companies


FORTH People

FORTH Community People with historical Importance

FORTH Community People of 2021


Forth Day


"EuroForth" & "Forth Standards Meeting"

Forth Events
Forth People

Forth2020 - Zoom Meetings

The Events

Discontinued Series of historically important Events & Single Events

FORML (Forth Modification Laboratory)

    • “FORML (Forth Modification Laboratory)”.
      • “Since 1980, FIG has sponsored an annual conference called FORML (Forth Modification Laboratory)”

Conference on Forth Applications 1981 - 1998

SIGFORTH Conferences 1989 - 1992

Real-Time Programming Convention 1988

First Australian Forth Symposium 1988


Rolf Hemmerling's Ideas about FORTH

Comparison LUA versus FORTH

  1. LUA is 30 years old, FORTH is 50 years old, so both are not fashion languages ( LUA:FORTH = 1:1 ).
  2. They were both created by masterminds: LUA was created by Roberto, while FORTH was created by Chuck, with Elizabeth as FORTH entrepreneur. But as of 2021, both Chuck and Elizabeth are retired, while Roberto is still university professor ( LUA:FORTH = 2:1 ).
  3. LUA code looks like that of most other common programming languages, however proficient LUA users are known to be trained in “Thinking in Tables”, while FORTH users need to learn “Thinking in Forth”( LUA:FORTH = 3:2 in sum ).
  4. Both LUA and FORTH support sort of “Object Orientation”, but they are no plain OO languages ( LUA:FORTH = 3:2 still in sum, no points granted ).
  5. LUA 5.0,.. 5.4 releases of the 2000th-2010th are not that much backward compatible, which makes maintainance of libraries hard, while with FORTH there are too many incompatible implementations and standards, in comparison to C, Python, Java ( LUA:FORTH = 3:2 still in sum, no points granted ).
  6. LUA has several annual international conferences, FORTH has a single annual European conference and a German conference ( LUA:FORTH = 4:3 in sum ).
  7. LUA is written in C, FORTH can be written in C ( LUA:FORTH = 5:4 in sum ).
  8. LUA can be integrated in C/C++ applications and embedded systems as high-level scripting language, FORTH is the #1 high-level script language for embedded sytems ( LUA:FORTH = 6:5 in sum ).
  9. LUA never had a Usenet group at all, nor any mailing list in English language, Forth did and still does have 2 active Usenet groups and 2 active Facebook groups ( LUA:FORTH = 6:6 in sum ).
  10. LUA is one of the languages for participation in the “Google Summer of Code”, FORTH is not ( LUA:FORTH = 7:6 in sum ).
  11. LUA is mentioned in the last few years several times as a “Worst Programming Languages to Learn”, FORTH is not even mentioned and thats not a plus ( LUA:FORTH = 8:6 in sum ).

BASIC Forth & FULL Forth

This is NOT ( about ) FORTH and not a FORTH Community

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