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[hemmerling] Computer Games by "Gaijin" 4/4 - WarThunder CDK

Documentation, Videos, Tutorials, Instructions, Wiki

Official Downloads & Informations

CDK Videos

WT Infantry Videos

Some strong Arguments not to spend Resources ( = Time ) to build Custom Maps & Custom Missions

Useless Videos

Modeling Tools & CDK Plugins

CDK Plugin for Autodesk 3d Studio Max

CDK Plugin for Blender

  • War Thunder - Official Forum "Need of Plugin for Blender", 2017-10 - “But to date, no one has imported a vehicle through blender. There was a forum post with someone successfully using blender to import a basic model as a structure but the requirements for static objects are much less than importing a working vehicle”.
  • War Thunder - Official Forum "Support for Blender 2.8", 2019-08 - “War Thunder CDK has a plugin for Blender, but this plugin only works with the version from 5 years ago. Exporting from version 2.8 to the ancient version does not work or works but creates crazy errors”.



User Created Missions

Favourite working Third Party Missions :-)

Looks like the Third Party Missions are working properly :-)

These Third Party Missions did not work for me :-(

  1. WarThunder Live MP Mission "Alaska RB" - No AI players, single players can´t start the mission by the error message “Not enough ready players to start the game” :-(.
  2. WarThunder Live MP Mission "By Digedarok" - Error message in the hangar “Select one of the allowed vehicles”.
  3. WarThunder Live MP Mission "Iwo Jima" - “Waiting for data from server”, “Waiting for data about the crew” :-(.
    • Allowed nations ( Japan, Russia ) and accepted vehicles are listed on the website.
    • If there is no accepted vehicle, the game does not load the main menu, by the error message “No available crews to choose” :-(.


My first Mission

My first Map

My first Vehicle Model

Forums & Newsgroups


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