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Angry Birds

Armored Warfare

    • Press “ALT” + “ENTER” to switch from fullscreen mode to window mode. With my computer, login doesn´t work in fullscreen mode ( I can´t press the buttons ).

BF2 Battlelog - Battlefield2 Revive Project

BF2 Battlelog
Forgotten Hope
    • “Forgotten Hope 2 (FH2) is a modification for the game Battlefield 2 (BF2). Its aim is to transform the game into a historically accurate and more realistic World War 2 scenario. The latest version of FH2 contains more than 30 maps, over 50 weapons and 75 vehicles and much more”.
    • “Forgotten Hope 2 is compatible with the following versions of Battlefield 2”.
      1. Battlelog.co (free).

Battleground Europe

Digital Combat Simulator


EVE Online

  • EN.Wikipedia "Eve Online", DE.Wikipedia "EVE Online" - “On November 11, 2016, Eve Online added a limited free to play version”, “Am 15. November 2016 wurde mit der Erweiterung Ascension ein Freemium System eingeführt. Unbegrenzt lange kostenlos kann man mit dem Alpha Clone spielen. Eingeschränkt sind unter anderen die erlernbaren Skills, die Trainingsgeschwindigkeit ist um 50 % reduziert und man hat keine unendlich lange Queue”.

Heroes & Generals

Rail Nation

Rise of Flight

World of Tanks / World of Warplanes

The Games
Player Statistics & Replays


War Thunder
Star Conflict

War Thunder - Naval Units / War Thunder Naval Battles

War Thunder Tactical Map

  • War Thunder Tactical Map "" - Open the web address in your browser, while the IP is the local IP on which the WT client is running.
    • The app works fine on my Android6 smartphone, in my local network “192.168.1.*”.
    • The app doesn´t find the WT client server at “”, when installed on the Bluestacks Android simulator, running Android 4.4.

Controller Configuration

Download of Configurations
General tips
  • As of 2016-07-26, I must change the default configuration to set it to the state of pre-2016-07-26:
    • I just called the “control setup wizzard” twice and selected the controller layout “keyboard and mouse only (simple)” both for “air” and “ground”.... best practice is first to set “keyboard and mouse only (advanced)” and then “keyboard and mouse only (simple)”.
    • The resulting properly working settings:
      • “Tank control / Mouse aim”.
        • Zoom Camera: — ( default setting ).
        • Tank: Target tracking: — ( was: “RMB”, press the button “Remove Bindings” ).
      • “View controls / Mouse aim”.
        • Zoom Camera: Y, RMB.
Keyboard and Mouse only
  • Keyboard keys.
    • Keyboard keys of aiplanes:
      • SPACE = Bombs dropping.
      • CTRL = Rockets.
      • Mouse-Righclick = Machinegun / machine cannon.
    • Keyboard keys of both ground vehiceles and airplanes:
      • C, KOMMA(ZEHNERTASTATUR) = Round view. Less important for ground vehicles, totally important for airplanes.
XBox 360 Controller, Keyboard and Mouse
  • War Thunder - Official Forum "Controls configuration (templates) need update!" - My experiences with WT controls configuration for gamepads.
  • Select “XBox 360 Controller, Keyboard and Mouse ( Aim Mode )” by the “Control Setup Wizzard”.
  • Change the settings of “Tank Control”.
    • “Tank throttle” = “J1:USB Game ControllersAxis 2” ⇒ “J1:USB Game ControllersAxis 3”.
      • “Invert Axis” = “No” ⇒ “Yes”.
    • “Tank steering” = “J1:USB Game ControllersAxis 1” ⇒ “J1:USB Game ControllersAxis 4”.
    • “Fire from the main caliber gun” = ”?:Button 18 (Off)” ⇒ “LMB, J1:Button 5”.
    • “Fire from secondary guns” = “LMB” ⇒ “LMB, J1:Button 5”.
    • “Fire from machine guns” = “LEER” ⇒ “LMB, J1:Button 5”.
    • “Sniper mode” = “J1:Button 16” ⇒ “RMB”.
    • “View in battle - Ground (X-axis)” = “J1:USB Game ControllersAxis 3” ⇒ ””.
    • “View in battle - Ground (Y-axis)” = “J1:USB Game ControllersAxis 4” ⇒ ””.
    • “Invert Y-axis (Tank)” = “No” ( just “Yes” if the gamepad is used for tank aiming ).
  • “Tank aiming (X-axis)” = “J1:USB Game ControllersAxis 3” ⇒ Down:“2 (ZEHNERTASTATUR), Up:“8 (ZEHNERTASTATUR )”.
    • “Tank aiming (Y-axis)” = “J1:USB Game ControllersAxis 4” ⇒ Down:“6(ZEHNERTASTATUR), Up:“4 (ZEHNERTASTATUR )”.
    • “Flyout an fighter” = ”” ⇒ “7”.
    • “Flyout an attacker” = ”” ⇒ “8”.
    • “Flyout an bomber” = ”” ⇒ “9”.
  • Change .the settings of “Common Control”.
    • “Zoom camera” = ” J1:Button 15, 0 (ZEHNERTASTATUR)” ⇒ “0 (ZEHNERTASTATUR), J1:Button 9”.
  • The default directory for WT control settings is “C:\users\<user>\Documents\My Games\WarThunder\Saves” with Unix-like separator ”/” in the in-game menu to save and load control settings. Be shure to give files you want to save, the file extension “blk”, e.g. “impect_controller.blk”.

Standard message to contact new Squadron members

Short welcome message
  • Greetings by your squadron member Rolf. I play AB GroundForces only, BR3.7 or lower prefered. I may play BR4.7 too, but just sometimes due to long repair times.
Message asking for Negociation
  • Greetings by a squadron member. Please tell me your forum.warthunder.com profile URL.
  • By the chat, we may just sent and read messages if both are online. By the forum, we may send and receive messages even if the receiver or sender is offline.
  • Login at the right upper corner of this website and learn by this your own profile URL by selecting the menu item “Profile” in the menu displayed at your username at right top - click on your username to see it.
  • My forum profile URL is http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/profile/618748-hemmerling/ . I need this “number-username”, as I can´t guess your number.
  • I will then “follow you”, and please “follow me” in the forum. If we do this with each other, we will have a list of all squadron members in our forum profile. As you can´t add a forum user as buddy, this is the replacement.

My Preset Settings for German Ground Forces

Preset #1 Tank DE R-1.3
Preset #1 Tank DE R-2.0 for PvE
Preset #2 Tank DE 1.0-2.0
Preset #3 Tank DE 2.0-2.3
Preset #4 Tank DE 2.3-3.3
Preset #5 Tank DE 3.7-4.7
Preset #6 SPAA DE
Preset #7 SPA DE 1.7-3.7
Preset #8 Tank DE 5.7-6.0
Preset #9 Tank DE 6.0-7.0
Preset #10 Air DE
Future Preset #11 SPA DE 3.7-5.3

My Preset Settings for USSR/Russian Ground Forces

Preset #1 Tank RU R-1.3
Preset #2 Air RU
Preset #3 Tank RU 2.0-2.7
Preset #4 SPAA RU 1.0-4.0
Preset #5 Tank RU 2.7-3.7
Preset #6 SPG RU 2.7-4.3
Preset #7 Tank RU 4.0-4.3/5.0
Preset #7 Tank RU 5.0-5.3
  1. KV-2 mod. 1939 ( = KV-2/KV-85 ).
Preset #8 Tank RU 5.7-7.0
  1. T-34-85 (D-5T) or the swimmming vehicle Object 906.
  2. IS-2 or the swimming vehicle PT-76.

My Preset Settings for Japanese Airforce

Preset #1 Airplanes JP R-1.3
Preset #2 Airplanes Watersports
  1. Empty.
Preset #3 Airplanes JP 1.3-1.7
Preset #4 Airplanes JP 2.0
Preset #5 Airplanes JP 2.3
Preset #6 Airplanes JP 2.7-3.3
Preset #6 Airplanes JP 3.3-3.7

Cost Leadership by minimal Repair Costs

  • It is a useful strategy, if you want to gain SL, to build presets with minimum repair costs. I.e. to select ground vehicles and airplanes by its repair costs.
Russian Preset with lowest Repair Costs for "Grinding" Rank 4
German Preset Suggestion according to Strategy "Cost Leadership by minimal Repair Costs"
Heavy Tanks with moderate Repair Costs
  1. KV-1 L-11, Rank II, BR3.7.
  2. Heavy Tank M6A1, Rank III, BR4.7.

Speed matters - Fast Vehicles for Capture-the-Flag

  • BT-5, 59km/h, free repair.
  • BT-7, 60km/h, 90 SL max. repair costs.
  • T-50, 71km/h, 493 SL SL max. repair costs.
  • T-34 1940, 54km/h, 597 SL max. repair costs.
  • T-34-8,5(D-5T), 61km/h, 2297 SL max. repair costs.
  • T-34-85, 61km/h, 2966 SL max. repair costs.

Inofficial Addons for WarThunder

Inoffical Software, might violate the EULA

The Music of WarThunder

Some other Online games which require a commercial Online Account

DiRT Rally


Men of War Series

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

Steel Beasts

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Boom and Run




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