[hemmerling] Software Installation as well as Desired State Control & State Monitoring of Software

Software Installation by Installers

Attention, many Installer projects are “not under active development anymore” since many years! So please check the date of the last release!

Free Installers for MSDOS

Free and commercial Installers for Windows

Free Installers for Linux

Free and commercial Installers for Java

Free Multi Platform Installers

RunTime Packer

Helper Tools


Desired State Control & State Monitoring

Device Description Languages and Device Parameterization

Desired State Configuration ( DSC ) of Windows

Free Windows Registry Tools

InCtrl5 for Win-32


"InstallWatch 2.5c" for Win-32

MJ Registry Watcher

Process Monitor


  • The free NirSoft "RegFromAp" for Win-32 and Win-64.
    • “RegFromApp monitors the Registry changes made by the application that you selected”.
    • “Works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Older versions of Windows are not supported. There is a separated version for x64 applications”.



SpyMe Tools


  • Matthias Withopf "TrackWinstall" for Win-32 and Win-64.
    • “Tracks the changes made to your system by program installers, including registry entries and file system alterations” → You need to “load” the software installation software by this tool.
    • On Win10-64, you must run it with VISTA compatibilty settings?!
    • It takes several seconds before you see the start screen of the program, even on a state-of-the-art computer with HDD ( not SDD ). Indeed it takes so long, that you might assume that the program was crashed and won`t work.


Commercial Windows Registry Tools


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