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[hemmerling] Development and Operations ( DevOps ) 1/2



  • Maven + Jenkins + a good script shell and/or script language ( Bash, Windows PowerShell, Tcl/Tk, Python..) as collection are good enought to practice DevOps, successfully :-).


Application Monitoring Software

Chaos Monkey

Configuration Management Software ( CM Software / CMS )

The most simple Solution: Bash Scripts for Linux, PowerShell Scripts for Windows

  • Just execute Bash scripts on Linux, or PowerShell scripts for Windows to configure your servers.


  • The OpenSource Ansible, written in Python.
  • Ansible uses YAML for communications. So the communications is declarative. So you have to write YAML data.
  • Ansible doesn't require a client on the target systems.
  • I was told by experts in 2015 “Ansible and Docker are a strong combination”, supposing that the reputation, importance and success of Ansible will rise with the expected glorious success of Docker.




  • The OpenSource Chef - “Systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure”.
  • Chef "Supermarket" - “Find, explore and view Chef cookbooks for all of your ops needs”.
  • Berkshelf, GitHub "berkshelf" - “A Chef Cookbook manager”, “Berkshelf is now included as part of the Chef-DK”.
  • IBM uses “Chef” for the installation of the IT configuration management software “IBM The Cloud Manager with Openstack” ( CMwO ).
  • Chef uses the Ruby language for communications. So the communications is imperative. So you have to write Ruby code.
  • Chef requires a Chef client on the target systems.
  • Chef parses its documents 2 times ( it reads the Chef source files 2 times ):
    1. Parsing of the Ruby script.
    2. Execution of special “blocks”.
  • Chef offers BDD / TDD alike test options!




Serverspec - RSpec Tests for Server Configurations


Data Center Deployment and System Management Software

Network Monitoring Software



Forums, Newsgroups

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