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[hemmerling] Google Android 10/12 - TV compatible Apps ( for Android TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV )

Android TV & Google TV

Mouse Toggle

The Tool


  • Experts told me: With “Mouse Toggle” you may move a displayed, round mouse pointer ( press the play button twice briefly ) with the normal remote control and also scroll ( menu + forward button ). It is sufficient if you use the server version of “Mouse Toggle “installed directly on the Fire TV device and activated both slide switches for the mouse service and autostart in the settings. The client version for the smartphone/tablet is not absolutely necessary”.
  • My personal experience with FireTV Stick 3: If you got a USB mouse and USB keyboard installed by OTG cable and a small USB hub, you don't need this app.

Amazon Fire TV

File Manager

Recommended File Managers @ Fire TV

Easy Quick Tool for Fire Tablets & TV" √
Total Commander @ Amazon Fire TV √
X-plore File Manage @ Fire TV √

Not recommended File Managers

  • Files Explorer by Vishnu N K @ Fire TV √.
  • Files Explorer for Fire Tablets & TV ( Files Manager… @ Fire TV √.
  • File Manager App : Dateimanager Für Android @ Fire TV √.
  • File Manager for Fire TV - USB OTG Cloud Network Wifi Shre File Explorer @ Amazon Fire TV ( TV File Manager @ Amazon Fire TV ) √.
  • ES File Explorer @Amazon Fire TV √.
    • My personal experience of 2023-09:
      • Version “ - global” on Android 7.1.1 smartphones with 2 GB RAM: Great and stable operation :-).
      • Version “ ( Web )”, loaded from Amazon webshop, on FireStick3, 1 GB RAM: Instable. Crashes extremly often, both at start of application and during the use of the application :-(. Sometimes it shows a second file system “Loading...” ( of the USB stick attached by OTG to FireStick3 ?), but the “Loading...” operation is never completed :-(.
      • Version “ - global” on FireStick3, 1 GB RAM: Crashes always at start :-(.


My free Games & Free Games I am interested in

Texas Hold 'em Poker ( Free )

Some other free Games

Some other free Games, with some Restrictions ( Size, Legal )

    • “ERROR. You do not have enough available space on your memory card to relocate data. You need to delete 1531 MB from your applications ( video, images )”, while 1.2 GB space was available on the internal filespace of FireTV.
    • “Your use of 'Stunt Extreme 3D' stays free in return for sharing available device resources with customers to pass web traffic through your device. Your device's resources will be used only in a manner that will not noticeable affect device's operation. None of your personal information is accessed ( except the device IP ). Your resources will not be used for computing devices such as crypto mining and storage. You can stop sharing resources at any time. [x] I agree, Unlock a Free Bike and Remove Ads [_] I disagree, Continue with Ads”.

USK18 Games


Keyboard Drivers - International / German Keyboard for Amazon Fire TV

Keyboard Configuration Tool / Keyboard Driver Tools

Original FireTV "English ( US ) FireTV IME" Keyboard
  • Isn't enabled for the search engine in the main Amazon FireTV menu :-(.
  • Isn't enabled for the search engine in Amazon “freevee” app :-(.
  • Works fine with “Amazon Music” app :-).
    • How to use the search eingine:
      • Navigate to the search input field.
      • Press the “central button” in the middle of the directional buttons.
        • A new window with an input field and a virtual keyboard is displayed.
        • To submit a search:
          • Press the “Next” ( German: “Weiter” ) on-screen button :-).
          • Or press the remote control button for pausing ( ”>||” ) :-).
      • If you enter text in the input field of the original app page, there is no way to submit the search :-(.
  • Works fine with the “Amazon Silk” browser :-).
  • Works fine with the “Downloader” browser :-).
  • Works fine with the “Firefox for FireTV” browser :-).
  • Works fine with the “YouTube” app :-(.
External Keyboard Helper Pro ( USB Keyboard Driver App )
  • My personal experience:
    • There is no display of an on-screen keyboard.
    • Isn't enabled for the search engine in the main Amazon FireTV menu :-(.
    • Isn't enabled for the search engine in Amazon “freevee” app :-(.
    • Doesn't work properly with “Amazon Music” app :-(.
      • The external USB keyboard is enabled, for navigation :-).
      • You may not submit a search :-(:
        • If you navigate to the search input field, pressing the “central button” in the middle of the directional buttons has no effect :-(.
        • So if you enter text in the search input field, there is no way to submit the search :-(.
    • Doesn't work with the “Amazon Silk” browser :-(.
    • Works fine with the “Downloader” browser :-).
    • Works fine with the “Firefox for FireTV” browser :-).
    • Isn't enabled for the “YouTube” app :-(.
    • “Parental Controls” ( German: “Kindersicherung” )
      • If “Parental Controls” is enabled:
        • All related functions of the “Setup” app are disabled :-(, i.e. the necessary pin input window is not displayed :-( for: “Notifications” ( German: “Benachrichtigungen” ), “Applications” ( German: “Apps” ), “Preferences” ( “Benutzereinstellungen” ).
      • To disable “Parental Controls”:
        1. Set the standard keyboard to the original FireTV “English ( US ) FireTV IME” keyboard.
        2. Reboot the “Firestick3”.
        3. Disable “Parental Controls” at “Preferences”.
        4. Set the standard keyboard to “External Keyboard Helper Pro”.
Hacker's Keyboard by Klaus Weidner ( allows to change the active keyboard )
Keyboard Switcher by Kunzisoft ( allows to change the active keyboard )
KODI - Alternative Keymaps for Fire TV Remote
    • Installing keymaps by:
      1. File manager.
      2. Copy directly to userdata folder.
      3. “adbLink” ( formerly: “ADBFire” ).
        • Jocala Software - “adbLink and adbLink2 manage connections between your Android devices and your computer. adbLink includes extra functionality for managing Kodi installations”.
      4. “elmerohueso's Tweaks for FTV addon”.
    • elmerohueso:
      • “However, you can change the keymaps in XBMC to control volume amplification. In fact, one of the pre-made keymaps in my “XBMC Tweaks for FTV” addon (check my repo) has that already set”.
      • “That's a function of the keymap. You can edit it to your liking (either manually or using “Keymap Editor” in the XBMC repo), or choose another pre-made keymap from my “XBMC Tweaks for FTV” addon”.
LeanKey Keyboard Pro & LeanKey Keyboard by Yuriy Lyskov ( @ yuliskov ), LiskovSoft
Logitech Keyboard Plus
Remapper for FireTV Remote Control

Additionally required Tools

  • “Remote Shell”.


  • My personal experience: Even if “External Keyboard Helper” is properly installed, configured, enabled and set as standard keyboard: At the Fire TV seach menu, you can't enter German Umlaute by USB keyboard with German keyboard layout :-(.
    • “Wenn man “External Keyboard Helper Pro” auf einem Smartphone/Tablet installiert, werden im App Menü des Android Gerätes zwei Icons angezeigt, das eine mit der Bezeichnung 'EKH Settings' für die Tastatureinstellungen und das andere 'EKH Switch IME' zum Auswählen und Wechseln der Standardtastatur in der Liste der aktivierten Tastaturen. Bei Fire TV Geräten wird jedoch nur das Icon für die Tastatureinstellungen erzeugt, und wie üblich, ohne eine Bezeichnung. Um nachträglich auf dem Fire TV Gerät die Standardtastatur ändern zu können, wird daher eine weitere App benötigt”.
    • “Hacker's Keyboard - Die App hat jedoch einen für uns wichtigen Menüpunkt 'SET INPUT METHOD', mit dem man auf dem Fire TV Gerät jeder Zeit entweder die physische oder eine der Bildschirmtastaturen als Standard eintragen kann, was ja mit “External Keyboard Helper Pro” auf dem Amazon Gerät, wie bereits oben erwähnt, nicht möglich ist”.
    • “Mit “Mouse Toggle” ( von ) Entwickler Jean Alger kann man einen eingeblendeten, runden Mauspointer (zweimal kurz auf die Wiedergabetaste drücken) mit der normalen Fernbedienung bewegen und auch Scrollen (Menü- + Vorwärtstaste). Es reicht, wenn man die Server-Version von “Mouse Toggle” direkt auf dem Fire TV Gerät installiert und in den Einstellungen beide Schiebeschalter für den Mausservice und Autostart aktiviert. Die Client-Version für das Smartphone/Tablet wird nicht unbedingt benötigt”.
    • “Statt der Bildschirmtastatur “Hacker's Keyboard” könnte man alternativ auch die kostenlose App “Keyboard Switcher 1.2.0” installieren, mit der man über den Menüpunkt “SWITCH KEYBOARDS” ebenfalls die Standardtastatur auswählen und ändern kann”.
    • “Installiere die APK ” Logitech Keyboard Plus” z.B. von hier der App die Tastatur auf deutsch einstellen > aktivieren > und als Standard festlegen”.
    • Für deutsche Umlaute in Kodi bedarf es eh eines deutschen Hardware-Tastaturtreibers, den das Fire OS seit der Version 5.0.3 nicht mehr installiert hat:-(.
    • “Die QWERTZ-Belegung funktioniert aber auch mit einem Software-Tastaturtreiber. Dazu bedarf es aber einer Bluetooth Tastatur ohne USB-Dongle. Die Logitech K400i oder r ist eine 2,4 G Wireless Tastatur mit USB Dongle. Die besagte App unterstützt diese Tastatur nicht” :-(.

Using another Smartphone as Keyboard

Online Streaming Services

  • See on other pages, refered at the top of this page.

Task- & App-Manager


App Info Manager (Teave)

Some other Task- & App-Manager


Video Players & Photo Albums

Amazon Photos

Kodi @ Android OS

MX Player



File Managers


Video Players & Photo Albums


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