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[hemmerling] Linux 2/8 - Linux Distributions

Major Linux Distributions

Some other Linux Distributions

Special Linux Distributions

Lightweight Linux

Linux on USB Memory Stick

Realtime Linux, Embedded Linux

Special Linux on Smart Devices, Smartphones, Tablets



Operating Systems

Operating System Builder, Build Systems

    • eCos, CentOS, FreeRTOS, Linux (Angstrom), Linux (Debian), Linux (Fedora), Linux (, Linux (LinuxPPC), Linux (uCLinux), Linux (OSADL), Linux (Slackware), Linux (Yocto), RTEMS → named by VDC Survey.

SMP Linux

Running Linux on SMP Computers


Linux in the Cloud


Unix / Linux on Windows Host

Wubi ( Ubuntu Installer )

Cooperative Linux

  • Cooperative Linux - “The first working free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively”.

Linux on Legacy Hardware

Major, advanced and special Linux File Systems

Major Linux File Systems

Advanced Linux File Systems

Special Linux File Systems


General Linux Distributions

Embedded Linux

Lightweight Linux Distributions

Linux in the Cloud

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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