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[hemmerling] Linux 3/8 - Linux Boot Loaders, Linux Build Systems, Linux Installers and Linux Implementors

Implementors - Professional System Integegrators / Builders of Linux for industrial and embedded Systems



Build Systems


LTIB ( Linux Target Image Builder )

OpenEmbedded, Angstrom, Yocto

1. OpenEmbedded

2. Angstrom

3. Yocto & Poky


*The Linux buiilder Yocto Project.

  1. EN.Wikipedia "BitBake", a Python script. Its operation does not depend on timestamps of files. Indeed, after modification of files, you should run the “bitbake clean” command.

4. Factory

Boot Loaders

Suggested File Systems

Installers for IT Infrastructure

Web Hosting Control Panel ( Software that facilitates the Management of a Web Hosting Server )

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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