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Mathcad 2001i

  • Mathcad 2001i was the latest MathCAD version, which can be installed freely, while it might be incompatible with WinXP, SP2. Indeed, the successor MathCAD 11, released in November 2002, must be activated, like WinXP. Now with MathCAD 13, you must wait for an individual Email answer by the Mathsoft sales office, to unlock the software... Matlab 13 still can save in Matlab 2001i format.
  • Additionally, MathCAD 12 and 13 are based on Microsoft .NET 1.1 ...
  • Known Restrictions.
    • The Mathcad 2001 Student edition is on the level of the Professional Edition. E.g. the character concatenation function ( in the german version: “verkett()” ) is included.
    • Quotation by Rob Beale: "Review of Mathcad 2001": “Student editions contain restrictions on array to a maximum of 1000 elements and do not have all the programming capabilities”.
    • In general, arrays cannot exceed 8 million elements, while arrays created with the MATRIX command are limited to 100 elements.

Mathcad Express

Mathcad Electronic Books, Mathcad Example Files

Third-Party Tools

  • Some Mathcad versions are shipped with special limited editions of the content publishing software Net-It Now!, featuring the CSF/3DF file format. Nowadays, ”Net-It Now! V4.0.0.30” and ”brava! reader” are freeware :-).


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