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[hemmerling] Network Tools 2/2 - Communications Hardware, Communication Applications & Drivers

Network Hardware

Wireless Network Equipment

Network Cards, Network Adapters

Network Modems


Analog Modems
ISDN Modems, ISDN Telephones, ISDN Interphone Systems
Powerline Modems

Network Routers, Network Switches, Network Firewalls

DSL Router

  • My wireless IP router plus switch “AVM FRITZ!Box 7270” → See FRITZ!Box.

VDSL Router

  • Telekom "Speedport W 724V" - “Der Speedport W 724V ist optimal geeignet für Entertain, Highspeed-Internet und IP-basierte Telefonie. Außerdem unterstützt er WLAN TO GO”.
  • The VDSL router AVM FRITZ!Box 7390 supports IP based telephon.
  • The VDSL router AVM FRITZ!Box 3370 doesn't support IP based telephony.
  • According to Telekom staff members in 2015-02, Telekom discontinued the offer of mixed service of VDSL with traditional analog telephone line service in 2015.
  • So if you decide for VDSL, your router must be able to handle IP based telephony since 2015-02, to use the telephone service.

My MS-TECH Technology "LH-3000"

My D-Link Routers "DI-624+" and "DI-604"

My Zyxel "ES-105A"

    • Port 1 is suggested to be the uplink. Port 1-3 are standard ports. The ports 4 and 5, signed with white numbers on black ground, are “Quality of Service” ( QoS ) ports. Quality of Service, ES-105A/ES-108A only, ensures bandwith-sensitive traffic such as real-time video and VoIP (Voice over IP) get sent first. Connect devices such as an STB (Set Top Box) or VoIP phone to a port that supports QoS as labelled”.=== General ===


  • Innominate Security Technologies AG "mGuard" - “Security for Industrial Networks”.
    • Default users:
      • u: “admin”, pw: “mGuard”.
      • u: “root”, pw: “root”.
  • With routers ( “DLINK DL-604”, “DLINK DL-624+” ), I am able to connect to Windows computers the submet of the DSL router ( “FritzBox” ), to which the routers are connected :-). But sometimes I fail, though the router and DSL router configuration is unchanged :-(.

Network Cables

  • The network equipment of my local 100 Mbit network are linked with “CAT5+ patch cables, FTP, 20.0 m.

Professional IT hardware by IBM

  • Standard username: “USERID”, standard passwort: “PASSW0RD” ( with the number Zero “0” as 6th. character ), e.g for IBM Flex System.
  • Standard username: “admin”, standard passwort: “admin” for IBM Broadcom switches.


Voice Mailbox & FAX Software

  • The Voice Mail Software SuperVoice.
    • SuperVoice was bundled with both with my ELSA modem and my AROWANA modem :-).
  • In the late 1990th, ELSA modems were shipped with a voice mail software “ELSAsuite” ( aka “TRIATHLON” by gebacom GmbH ).
  • “Cheyenne Bitware for Windows” (Fax,Data,Voicemail), another FAX,voice-mail and data software I once owned.
  • “Voice Connect”.

Some other Modem Software

Windows Network Drivers and Network Configuration Tools


Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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