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[hemmerling] Network Tools 2/2 - Communications Hardware, Communication Applications & Drivers

Network Hardware

Wireless Network Equipment

2.4 Ghz

5 Ghz & 2.4 Ghz, 802.11n and 802.11ac

Network Cards, Network Adapters

Network Modems


Analog Modems
ISDN Modems, ISDN Telephones, ISDN Interphone Systems
Powerline Modems

Network Routers, Network Switches, Network Firewalls

DSL Router

  • My wireless IP router plus switch “AVM FRITZ!Box 7270” → See FRITZ!Box.


VDSL Router
  • Telekom "Speedport W 724V" - “Der Speedport W 724V ist optimal geeignet für Entertain, Highspeed-Internet und IP-basierte Telefonie. Außerdem unterstützt er WLAN TO GO”.
  • The VDSL router AVM FRITZ!Box 7390 supports IP based telephon.
  • The VDSL router AVM FRITZ!Box 3370 doesn't support IP based telephony.
  • According to Telekom staff members in 2015-02, Telekom discontinued the offer of mixed service of VDSL with traditional analog telephone line service in 2015.
  • So if you decide for VDSL, your router must be able to handle IP based telephony since 2015-02, to use the telephone service.

My MS-TECH Technology "LH-3000"

My D-Link Routers "DI-624+" and "DI-604"

My Zyxel "ES-105A"

    • Port 1 is suggested to be the uplink. Port 1-3 are standard ports. The ports 4 and 5, signed with white numbers on black ground, are “Quality of Service” ( QoS ) ports. Quality of Service, ES-105A/ES-108A only, ensures bandwith-sensitive traffic such as real-time video and VoIP (Voice over IP) get sent first. Connect devices such as an STB (Set Top Box) or VoIP phone to a port that supports QoS as labelled”.

FTTH ( Fiber To The Home )



  • Innominate Security Technologies AG "mGuard" - “Security for Industrial Networks”.
    • Default users:
      • u: “admin”, pw: “mGuard”.
      • u: “root”, pw: “root”.
  • With routers ( “DLINK DL-604”, “DLINK DL-624+” ), I am able to connect to Windows computers the submet of the DSL router ( “FritzBox” ), to which the routers are connected :-). But sometimes I fail, though the router and DSL router configuration is unchanged :-(.

Network Cables

  • The network equipment of my local 100 Mbit network are linked with “CAT5+ patch cables, FTP, 20.0 m.

Professional IT hardware by IBM

  • Standard username: “USERID”, standard passwort: “PASSW0RD” ( with the number Zero “0” as 6th. character ), e.g for IBM Flex System.
  • Standard username: “admin”, standard passwort: “admin” for IBM Broadcom switches.


Voice Mailbox & FAX Software

  • The Voice Mail Software SuperVoice.
    • SuperVoice was bundled with both with my ELSA modem and my AROWANA modem :-).
  • In the late 1990th, ELSA modems were shipped with a voice mail software “ELSAsuite” ( aka “TRIATHLON” by gebacom GmbH ).
  • “Cheyenne Bitware for Windows” (Fax,Data,Voicemail), another FAX,voice-mail and data software I once owned.
  • “Voice Connect”.

Some other Modem Software

Windows Network Drivers and Network Configuration Tools


Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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