[hemmerling] Online Business Howto - How to create a Niche Online Business, by Online Marketing

1 Video Marketing

Step #1

  • Task: Search for the right niche, where people look for a “solution”.
  • Solution:
    • According to the free PDF book Said Shiripour "Das perfekte Online-Business",
      • there are just four major niches, also called “niches of pain”:
        1. Fitness.
        2. Making money ( by Internet ).
        3. Dating.
        4. Wellness, weight control.
      • all other nices are “microniches” with less financial potential.
    • Use search engines to find the most frequent questions of Search Engine Users.
      • AnswerThePublic - “Discover what people are asking about…”. The free service is limited to very few search requests / day.
      • BuzzSumo - ” Find the content that performs best. Collaborate with the influencers who matter”.

Step #2

Step #3

  • Task: Use the results( top5 of list #2 ) to feed the Google Keywords Planner, to check which of these keywords are relevant.
  • Use the results to generate list #3 with keywords which are relevant for the users of the Google search engine.

Step #4 Conversion To Sales

#4.1 Affiliate Partner System

Parter Program Platforms

#4.2 Select a Shop / Payment Provider

#4.3 Select a free Forwarding URL / Short URL Service

#4.4 Create Your own Sales Funnel

  • Task: Create Your own sales funnel.

Step #5 Video Channel

#5.1 YouTube / Vimeo /... Channels

  • Task: Create a video channel “The one who provides help for...” ( “Der was hilft bei...” ) channel.
  • Task: Create videos with a spoken text of 1200 words, about 10min long.
  • Proofed working structure of a sales video, called “Sales Cycle”.
    1. Name the target audience: “This video is for people who...”. Don´t start with a self-presentation ( e.g. “I am XXX, the expert for YYY” ).
    2. Tell a story: Short self-presentation of you + the problem you can handle: Who are you? What is the problem? Why is it important to deal with the problem right now?
    3. Solution: Suggest a first informative call. Don´t suggest to “buy” something, or don´t even suggest that your solution is 100% right for anybody of the audience, not even for any possible customer.
    4. Call to action: Ask the audience to fill in a formular with their E-Mail address.
  • Task: Create “YouTube Playlists” of your videos.
  • Task: Include a link to your “Conversion To Sales” system, under the video in the texual video description ( Step #4 ).

#5.2 Video Monetarisation


#5.3 Webinars

  • Task: Generate Webinars, which are not operated by official Video platforms.
  • Task: Create landing pages, for your Webinars.
  • Task: Include a link to your “Conversion To Sales” system ( Step #4 ), within the webinar.

#5.4 Sidekicks

  • See “2 Promote your your own business”.

Step #6 If you have your own Sales Funnel, use the Leads

  • Task: Use the Leads, contact the customer, make the deal with the customer.

2 Promote your your own business

2.2 Create Social Business Pages and Business Review Portals Profiles

Social Business Portals

Business Review Portals / Local Citations for Germany

2.2 Create Social Media Pages / Groups

2.1 Tracking by Social Media

2.2 Retargeting

  • You can configure the Social Media ad manager for “Retargeting”: All visitors of your pages, which are shipped with a Pixel ID - and if properly implemented, who did not buy -, will see the social media again and again.

2.4 Create a Lookalike Audience ( LAL )

  • If you got 100 datasets by your Social Media advertising ( = 100 visitors of your landing page,.. ), the Social Media company ( e.g. Facebook ) will create a “profile of a lookalike audience”, i.e. a customer avantar. This avantar has special attributes, e.g. gender, age / age range, income,...

  • Create a new Social Media ad, but this time select as target audience the Lookalike Audience ( LAL ) of your first ad.
  • By that you can blow up an advertising campaign which reached 100 customers to 10.000 or even 100.000 customers who are similar to the 100.

2.X Self-created Tracking for poor People

  • Offer a free product on your landing page. The customer fills a formular and names his/her E-Mail address.
  • By that you know who was visiting your landing page and even passed the CallToAction.

2.3 Have a blog

  • Task: Have a blog

2.4 Have an E-Book

  • Task: have an E-Book.

2.5 Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Rules

  • If you do Facebook ads, you must do a calculation, and set a rule.
  • Example:
    • Product price = 100 EUR.
    • Profit = 50 EUR.
    • You invest 10.000 EUR/d for Facebook advertising.
  • So you should setup the rule, to continue the Facebook advertising campaign, until the ads cost less than your profit. If the ad costs are equal (... larger ) that the profit, then by the Facebook rule, the Facebook advertising campaign will be stopped.
  • Set costs per result ( German: “Kosten pro Ergebnis” ) to 50 EUR. Result is a sales. Facebook will just activate advertising, if the costs per result are less than 50 EUR, i.e. as long as you make profit. If the costs per result exceed 50 EUR, the advertising campaign is stopped for a day. Next day the costs per result are checked again by Facebook.

No overlapping of target groups

  • Avoid overlapping of target groups :-), as you would pay double price :-(.

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

  • Select 3 groups for Facebook ad campaigns.
    1. Cold.
    2. Fans.
    3. Lookalike Audience.
  • Create ad with photo / picture and another ad with video, for each groups. As nobody can tell you if photo or video makes better sales.
  • Usually you invest 33% of the ad buget for each group.
  • By Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization, facebook uses AI to select the optimal group and ad ( photo or video ) to make the most of your ad budget.

Facebook Relevance Score

  • If you get likes & comments for your Facebook ad, Facebook rewards you.
  • If there are no likes & comments, the Facebook ads get more expensive :-(.
Create an interactive Sales Post, with high Relevance Score
  • Create a Sales Post on your Facebook fan page.
  • By the Facebook advertising manager, select “interaction”.
  • Germans are usually not interacting with Facebook ads, i.e. don´t give like, nor do they comment ads.
  • Trick.
    1. Create a Facebook ad,
      • But select 2 days * 10 EUR, with target in India. You will get many likes, e.g. 1000 likes. By that you get a Relevance Score of 10 for your post.
    2. Create a new Facebook ad, but for your target audience. You get more from Facebook, as the Relevance Score for your post is high.

Optimal Facebook Budget Plan: 25-3 Rule

  • Example: You have a Facebook ad budget of 100 EUR.
  • If a Facebook ad works, increase the budget all 3 days by 25%, not 1000 EUR next day.

Multi-use of contents

  • Task: Multi-use of contents.

3 No-Code Approach

The Steps ( * with No-Code )

  1. Set hypothesis.
  2. Customer interviews ( Background: Most startups fail, as they create products & services without any customer needs ).
  3. First product*.
  4. Sell.
  5. Build mvp*.
  • Minimum viable product,
  1. Fulfill*.

The No-Code Toolkit

  1. Webflow - “The modern way to build for the web. Webflow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code”.
  2. .bubble - “The best way to build web apps without code”.
  3. Zapier - “Connect your apps and automate workflows. Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work”.
  4. Airtable - “Create apps that perfectly fit your team's needs”.
  5. Memberstack - “Beautiful user logins & payments for any website”.
  6. Glide - “Powerful apps from spreadsheets. Build an app for your business in five minutes, for free, without writing any code”.
  7. Rows ( formerly: DashDash ) - “The spreadsheet where teams work faster”.
  8. Carrd - “Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.”.
  9. Parabola - “Can automate any manual task you usually do in a spreadsheet. Connect your data, arrange your steps, and forget about hiring that developer”.
  10. pipedrive - “Die All-in-One-Verkaufsplattform für mehr Umsatz. Das erste CRM, das von Vertrieblern für Vertriebler entwickelt wurde. Bringen Sie Ihr Geschäft auf die nächste Ebene”.
  11. Jetboost - “Your No-Code Webflow Sidekick. Real-time search, dynamic filtering, and more for Webflow — without writing code. Get Started for Free”.
  12. Phantom Buster - “Code-free automations and data extraction”.
  13. Typeform - “There's a better way to ask. You don't want to make a boring form. And your audience won't answer one. Create a typeform instead—and make everyone happy”.
  14. Sketch - “Gives you all the tools you need for a truly collaborative design process. From early ideas to pixel-perfect artwork, playable prototypes and developer handoff. It all starts here.”.
  15. Notion - “One workspace. Every team. We’re more than a doc. Or a table. Customize Notion to work the way you do”.
  16. Adolo - “Build Your Own No Code App”.

Sample No-Code Projects


Simple Funnel

Online Advertisement

  • Ads ( by Google, Facebook... ) point to a landing page.
  • Ads don´t mention prices.
  • The ad topic must not be the expensive major project, but a free ( or afforable ) entry product.

Landing Page

Landing Page

  • A single page. No sub-page of your own homepage, which has imprint, about, and some other pages.
  • Landing pages don´t metion prices.
  • Contents:
    • Benefits ( German: “Nutzen” ).
    • Advantages ( German: “Vorteile” ).
    • References.
    • Call to action - Typical:
      • Subscribe for a bullet list with the 7 most important XXX...
      • Become member of “my” exclusive club ...
  • Rules:
    • 3 clicks to success - Visitors don´t want to do much clicks, to reach the goal.
    • Call to action.
    • 3 seconds rule - After 3 seconds the visitor decides if he/she wants to stay on a page.
    • Above the Fold - The visitor must not / does not want to scroll down a page ( on desktop browser, on a mobile device ).

Formular Page

  • The single follow-up page of the landing page
  • The customer must ask questions, to apply for the free product.
  • The more questions, the less people subscribe, but the better is the customer quality.

E-Mail Funnel

  1. Mail #1 - Greetings, expert status.
  2. Mail #2 - First contact offer,..

Outsourcing Services - If you don´t want to do all the work by your own

Texting for Germany

  • Content.de - “Unique Content für Blogs, Shops und Webseiten: Einzigartige Texte schreiben lassen von über 6.500 Autoren”.
  • Lass-andere-schreiben.de - “Finde handverlesene Textexperten für deinen Schreibauftrag”.
  • Mach Du das - “Nebenjobs, Minijobs & Heimarbeit”.
  • Textbroker.de - “Keine Zeit für Wortakrobatik? Lass Deine Texte bei uns schreiben”.
  • Wortrakete - “Richtig abheben mit Hochwertigen Texten. Der Treibstoff für erfolgreiche, digitale Projekte!”.

International Texting

E-Mail Marketing Funnel

Videomaking & Video Dubbing

Webcast & Webinar Services

All-in-One Funnel Services

  • FunnelCockpit, Germany - “DIE ALL-IN-ONE LÖSUNG FÜR DEIN ONLINE-BUSINESS! Mit FunnelCockpit kannst du jetzt ganz einfach dein eigenes erfolgreiches Onlinebusiness aufbauen...”, “Splittests, Maustracking und weitere Conversion-Tools”.

Sales Funnel Services

Integration of Third-Party Online Services

    • “Connect your apps and automate workflows. Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.”.
    • Quentn - Next Level Marketing Automation "Zapier Einführung" - “Zapier ist ein US-Anbieter, der es Ihnen erlaubt, Ihre Quentn-Kampagne mit über 1.500 Drittanbietern nahtlos zu verknüpfen”.



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