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Browsers for Amazon Fire TV

Microsoft Internet Explorer ( MSIE + Edge ), Microsoft Exchange & Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Internet Explorer ( MSIE 11)

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Exchange & Microsoft Outlook - Resources

    • Newspaper 06/2022, page 11, article “Open Source. Linux im Public Sector” - “Als zweite Herausforderung wird eine alternative Groupware genannt. 'Microsoft Outlook' hat sich längst zum Standard entwickelt. In der Studie wird empfohlen, die Umstellung der eMail und Groupware-Applikation im Rahmen einer Umstellun des eMail-Dienstes auf ein Open-Source-Produkt durchzuführen. Aber: 'Problematisch bezüglich der Nutzung von MS Exchange als eMail-Dienst in Kombination mit einer anderen Open-Source-Mail-und-Groupware-Applikation ist das lizenzrechtliche Verbot innerhalb der USA, das von Microsoft patentierte ActiveSync-Protokoll in Open-Source-Anwendungen zu implementieren'. Aus diesem Grund gebe es keine Open-Source-eMal/Groupware-Client-Applikationen, die man gegen einen MS-Exchange-Dienst verwenden könne. Problematisch sei diesbezüglich auch, dass für eine Outlook-Ablösung nicht nur das Mailprogramm ersetzt, sondern auch das vollständige Mail- und Kollaborationsbackend MS Exchange durch eine andere Software abgelöst werden müsse”.
    • Complete report:
    • Dataport - “Wir machen Leistungen und Prozesse der öffentlichen Verwaltung digital, sicher und für Bürger zugänglich. Für und mit Ländern und Kommunen. Von der Beratung über die strategische Entwicklung bis zum sicheren IT-Betrieb und innovativen Produkten”.

Netscape / Mozilla


Free additional Services

  • Firefox Monitor - “See if you’ve been part of an online data breach”.

Addons for Firefox

Addons for Firefox for Webdesign

  • Firebug - Web Development Evolved - “Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page”.
  • Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons "Firebug" - “Integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page...”.
    • With a mouse-rightclick on an element, you can select “Copy XPath” and “Copy CSS Path” :-).
Live HTTP Headers
Screen Resizers
Web Developer
Resources: Browser Screen Sizes
  • Typcial classical and modern screen sizes:
    • Desktop 4:3 tube display ⇒ 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, ( 1280×1024 ), 1600×1200.
    • Desktop 16:9 display ⇒ 800×600, 1280×720, 1366×768, 1920×1080 FullHD.
    • TV set or large display ⇒ 1920×1080 FullHD, 3840×2160 4K.
    • Display “ASUS VW220D” ⇒ 1680×1050.
    • Desktop PC “Lenovo ThinkCentre 58p”, with 4:3 tube display ⇒ 800×600, 1024×768, ( 1280×1024 ), 1600×1200. With display “ASUS VW220D” ⇒ 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×800, 1680×1050.
    • Notebook PC 16:10 “Dell Vostro 1000” ⇒ 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×800.
    • Notebook PCs 16:9 “ASUS Eee PC 901”, “ASUS Eee PC T101MT” ⇒ 1024×600.
    • Notebook PC “Hewlett-Packard HP 255 G5”, internal display ⇒ 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×720, 1366×768. With internal + external display “ASUS VW220D” ⇒ 1680×1050.
    • Smartphone 16:9 “Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD 8008D”, “BQ Aquaris U” ⇒ 720×1280, 1280×720.
    • Tablet “I-ONIK TabletPC TP7-1000DC light” ⇒ 480×480, 800×480.
    • Tablet “Acer Iconia One 7 B1-770” ⇒ 600×1024, 1024×600.
    • Blisk.io "iPhone 13" ( just without “www.” ) - “iPhone 13”.. ”@media only screen and (min-width: 390px) and (orientation: landscape) { /* Your Styles... */ }”.
    • Typical logical resolutions of Apple smartphones:
      • ( 476×847, 847×476 ).
      • 428×926, 926×428.
      • ( 414×896, 896×414 ).
      • ( 414×736, 736×414 ).
      • 390×844, 844×390.
      • 375×812, 812×375.
      • ( 375×667, 667×375 ).
      • ( 320×568, 568×320 ).
      • ( 320×480, 480×320 ).
    • Typical logical resolutions of Apple tablets:
      • 1024×1366, 1366×1024.
      • 834×1194, 1194×834.
      • 834×1112, 1112×834.
      • 820×1180, 1180×820.
      • 810×1080, 1080×810.
      • 810×1080, 1080×810.
      • 768×1024, 1024×768.
      • 744×1133, 1133×744.
      • 320×568, 568×320.
      • 320×480, 480×320.
    • MacBooks:
    • Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV:

Extra Tools for Firefox

Addons for Thunderbird

Mozilla Developer Network

Error Messages, Tips & Tricks

Installation Process for given E-Mail accounts with existing Thunderbird Mail Directory
  • Howto:
    1. Call Thunderbird.
    2. Step 1:
      1. “Configuration / Option” - Select ”[x] Menu Bar”.
      2. “File / New / Existing Mail Address”.
      3. Fill in the data of your mandatory E-Mail account, then press the button “Continue”.
      4. Select ”[x] POP3”.
      5. Press button “Manual config”.
      6. Press button “Advanced config”.
      7. “Account Settings”.
        1. ”[x] Attach the signature from a file instead (text, HTML, or image):” and select a file by the browse button.
      8. “Server Settings”.
        1. Unselect ”[ ] Check for new messages at startup”.
        2. Unselect ”[ ] Check for new messages every XX minutes”.
        3. It is very urgent to unselect ”[ ] Automatically download new messages”.
        4. Unselect ”[ ] Leave messages on server”.
      9. “Composition & Adressing”.
        1. Unselect ”[ ] Compose messages in HTML format”.
      10. Press button “Ok”.
    3. Step 2:
      1. Open the just created profile by mouse-rightclick.
      2. “Server Settings”.
      3. “Local directory”: Press button “Browse” and select the existing mail directory for the account.
      4. Press button “Ok”.
      5. Thunderbird asks you “Thunderbird needs to restart to apply the change of the Local directory settting”. Press button “Restart”.
  • The motivation:
    • During a recent installation of Thunderbird 31,
      • I selected by error a IMAP account for testing my E-Mail provider account :-(,
      • without deactivation of the message download option :-(,
      • and then ( see step 2 ) I selected the existing POP3 mail directory for the account as new local directory.
    • The effect was that my “Sent” directory and a few other directories were emptied :-(, if I remember right the “failure of filtering” bug appeared during the download. But Thunderbird definitively wiped out the contents of some email subdirectories by own activity :-(.
"AppHangB1" with Thunderbird
  • After new installation of Windows and installation of Thunderbird 31, including the creation of a new Thunderbird user profile, Thunderbird did not work properly, but Windows told me that Thunderbird is in Google "AppHangB1" mode. The application was not usable, after 1 or 2 mouseclicks it “hanged” and just showed the Windows sandmill.
    • It did not help to deinstall and reinstall neither Thunderbird 31 nor 24.01 - The “hanging” happended every time.
    • Thunderbird 17 installed properly, but was not able to use the Thunderbird 31 & 24.01 profile properly - so it did not display the mail folders, though it knew about the account.
    • The only help was to delete the Thunderbird profile - the “hanging” did not appear again neither with Thunderbird 31 or 24.01.
How to delete a Thunderbird Profile
Thunderbird: Sending E-Mails by SMTP fails
  • Error message while sending an E-Mail by SMTP, by E-Mail provider GMX:
    An error occured while sending mail. 
    The mail server responded: 5.7.0 Authentification expired (mp016). 
    Please check the message and try again.
  • Solution: Login at the Web portal of GMX. GMX suspended your account ( due to a login attack attempt ) and asks you to setup a new password, by the Web portal. After that, with new password, E-Mail sending works again.
Thunderbird: Restoring messages from .mozmsgs Folder
  • Keeping the default option “Allow [your OS's search engine] to search messages” creates a backup of Thunderbirg messages, in extra subdirectories, but in the same file system path. You may later import these messages into Thunderbird, if necessary.
  • Getsatisfaction - Thunderbird "*.sbd and *.mozmsgs files reappearing on HD" - “The .mozmsgs directories store data that allows Windows Search or Spotlight to index your mail folders. They are filled up if you let your computer remain idle for some time and keep Thunderbird open. You can easily turn it off from Tools-Options or Preferences, in the Advanced pane, General tab. You'll find a checkbox saying 'Allow [your OS's search engine] to search messages'”.
    • “I copied the missing files from the *.mozmsgs folder in my profile to a new folder. Used the command prompt to change the file extension from .wdseml to .eml and then used Import/Export Tools Add-On to import the missing messages back into Thunderbird” :-).
    • “It should be noted that the wdseml files do not contain any attachments that may have been part of the original message” :-(.
Thunderbird 24.1.0 .. 24.5.0..?: Failure of Filtering
  • Error message when receiving E-Mails and sorting it into folders according to filter rules:
    The messages could not be filtered to folder '%S' because writing to folder failed. 
    Verify that you have enough disk space, and that you have write privileges to the file system, 
    then try again
  • Thunderbird 24.0.1 is currently the latest stable release, as of 2014-05, without this bug.
  • Tip: If you switch back from Thunderbird 24.5 to 24.0.1, please compress all folder data by Thunderbird itself, to get rid of the bug.
Firefox - Disable Image Loading, for use with slow ( ISDN / Analog Modem ) Internet Connections
Firefox - Simulation of ( mobile ) Displays
  • English: “Debugger / Responsive Design Mode”.
  • German: “Debugger / Bildschirmauflösung”.
Firefox - Cleaning Cookies
Firefox - about:config

FTP Support Removed, with Firefox 90

How to create Firefox Extensions


  • As of 2018-05, most Internet websites refuse to communicate with Firefox12 of W2k, as they require SSL connections.
    • MSIE6 just supports SSL3.0, TSL 1.0 :-(.
    • Loading “apple.de” still works :-).
    • If you enter “githbub.com”, the Firefox12 browser just displays the error message “Secure Connection failed... Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)” :-(.
    • Sites which don´t requre SSL, are of course loaded properly, e.g. hemmerling.free.fr.
  • Firefox action “Checking for Updates” :-( - How to disable at start of Firefox execution.
      • Firefox URL “about:config” - “app.update.channel” ⇒ read “release”.
      • File “C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox\defaults\pref\channel-prefs.js”.
        • Checking:
          pref("app.update.channel", "release");
        • Non-checking:
          pref("app.update.channel", "default");
      • Firefox URL “about:config” - “app.update.channel” ⇒ read “default”.


The Tools


  • Opera's configuration “Settings / Websites / Javascript” allows to enable/disable Javascript. As of 2015, this option is not available anymore with current editions of Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Explorer.


  • As of 2018-05, most Internet websites refuse to communicate with Opera 12.50 of W2k, as they require SSL connections.
    • Opera 12.50 just supports SSL3.0, TSL1.0, TSL1.1, TSL1.2 :-(.
    • Loading “apple.de” still works :-).
    • If you enter “githbub.com”, the Opera 12.50 browser just displays the error message “Unable to complete secure transaction. Failed to connect to the server. The reason may be that the encryption methods supported by the server are not enabled in the security preferences” :-(.
    • Sites which don´t requre SSL, are of course loaded properly, e.g. hemmerling.free.fr.

Google Chrome

The Tool


Installation and Execution on Linux

  1. Set proper link to “libudev.so.0”
  2. Install “libappindicator1”.
  3. Install “libindicator7”.
  4. Install the application:
  5. Execute the application:
    • “google-chrome-stable”.

Addons for Web Developers, suggested by Experts in 2023-08

  1. Free Download Manager.
  2. Adblock Plus.
  3. Dark Mode.
  4. Easy Screenshot - a Web Clipper.
  5. Full Page Sceenshot.
  6. GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture.
  7. Hide That!
  8. HTML Elements Screenshot.
  9. PrintFriendly - Print and PDF Web Pages.
  10. Google Docs Office.
  11. HiFrame - The Hyper iFRAME Extension!
  12. Jazz-Midi.
  13. Page Refresh.
  14. Save All Resources.
  15. Scan WP - WordPress Theme and Plugin Detection.
  16. SEO META in 1 CLICK.
  17. Smallpdf - PDF komprimieren und konvertieren.
  18. Super Dark Mode.
  19. Timeline exporter.
  20. Screen Reader.
  21. Simple Allow Copy.
  22. Stream Recorder - download HLS as MP4.
  23. Table Capture.
  24. Vimego - Simple Video Downloader.
  25. Wappalizer - Technology profiler.
  26. Website SEO Checker: Free Audit & Analysis.
  27. Kamera.
  28. Web Scraper - Free Web Scraping.
  29. vGet Cast (DLNA Controller)

Tips & Tricks

Simulation of ( mobile ) Displays
  • English: “Debugger / Toggle Device Mode”.

FTP Support Removed, with Chrome


  • The free browser Dissenter for Windows, Linux, MacOXX.
    • “Meet the Free Speech Web Browser”.
    • “The Dissenter web browser is built for The People, not advertisers. Block Big Tech ads and trackers by default. Discover a comment section on every URL online. Welcome to the free speech internet”.
    • Promoted by the social community GAB in 2019-07.


Safe Exam Browser ( SEB )

TOR Browser


Yandex Browser

  • I was told by experts, that people browsing with this browser at some dating sites ( LovePlanet, Bkamen, Tamb ) have some advantages, due to contract between Yandex and the sites:
    • “Like who matched with you so you can chat for free without paying”, “If you get match with some one you can get free messages”, “it is perfect you can try it, you can see who liked you for free”. “if you like him also then you can chat free without paying, else you have to pay to see who liked you”.

Network File System (NFS)

Clients for Access of Network File System (NFS)

Free / Commercial



Serial Connections & Serial Clients

SSH, Telnet and Terminal Clients



  • StackOverflow "best practice when unit testing for embedded development" - “A necessary tool to develop is a signal injector. The embedded system will have some way of interfacing with a host system (typically via a serial port reserved for debugging). Use this to send test data (best option is terse ascii formatted so it is easily simulated by humans too)”, “Using TeraTerm as a serial port signal injector, and writing some TeraTerm macros (takes about 20 minutes), there is a huge suite of automated tests which can be run against any part of an embedded system – whether driver layer, O/S, layer 4-5, etc”.

USB Serial Drivers / Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers

Protocols to transfer Data between 2 Terminals

VNC, UltraVNC, Intel vPro/AMT

Intel vPro, Intel Active Management Technology ( AMT )

Intel vPro/AMT

vPro/AMT Resources

Selection Criteria for Computers with Intel iCore 5 / iCore7, internal Graphics Card, Intel vPro/AMT Technology

  • Must be shipped with vPro technology.
  • Must provide suitable AMT technology ( AMT 6 or newer ). Be aware of motherboards which provide vPro technology but insufficient AMT technology ( e.g. AMT 5 ).
  • The motherboard / computer must be shipped with a vPro enabled CPU :-). With many computers, the manufacturers provide optinal CPUs both with and without vPro, without explicte naming of the vPro feature.
  • The bundeling of a vPro CPU with a motherboard is no indictor that the motherboard supports vPro technology. Especially, the support of vPro technology is no indicator that there is sufficent AMT technology.
Your Questions to Motherboard Manufacuters and its Vendors
  • “Does your motherboard support Intel vPro Technology with AMT 6 or newer, with activated CPU-internal HD2000 / HD3000 Intel graphics card ?”.
  • “Definitely, may I address the switched-off computer by Ethernet network, and log on the internal AMT server and the VNC server?”.
  • There is the mission of Intel, to deliver the vPro technology just to the “system houses” and to the “business” sales channel ( → computers shipped with Windows Professional ), not to “consumer electronics supermarkets and consumer electronics store chains” and the “private users” channel ( → computers shipped with Windows Home Premium ).

Intel Core i5 & i7 CPUs with vPro and integrated Graphics

Motherboards with vPro and AMT 6 or newer

Intel Desktop Boards Executive Series


    • Dell OptiPlex 755, Dell OptiPlex 760.
      • Dell OptiPlex 990 SF Advanced.
      • There is the rumour that you must order a special option in the online order formular, to activate vPro/AMT remote access, invoiced with 5 EUR. If you don´t do so, the rumour says that then you will get a computer without working remote access. Maybe it is not possible to order this option by the online order process ?! The option might appear in the section “BIOS Configuration Options” in the online order formular. Please contact me if you know what this option is, exactly.
    • Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF.
      • heise online, c't 23/2011 - “Prüfstand. Ferngelenkt. vPro-Rechner Dell OptiPlex 990 SFF. Dells Büro-PC Optiplex 990 Small Form Factor kombiniert die schnellste Sandy-Bridge-CPU mit einem kompakten Gehäuse und lässt sich auch aus der Ferne warten”.
    • There is a rumour, that you must explicitely choose an order option to get a computer with activated vPro/AMT, invoiced with with 50 EUR .. 100 EUR, in 2012-03.
Lenovo Notebooks and Desktops with VPro

Ultrabook Notebooks

Zero Clients with VNC

Remote Control Software

SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager




Reverse HTTP Starter

Windows Remote Control

Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection Software

PowerShell Remoting


Commercial and free Remote Tools

Tools free for personal Use

Just-commercial Tools

Forums, Newsgroups


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