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[hemmerling] Software Frameworks

Events and Organisations

C/C++ specific Frameworks

  • According to the 1998 ANSI/ISO C++ standard, “STL isn't longer a library of its own, because it was integrated into the C++ Standard library and is now part of it”.
  • Attention ! STL, STLport, C++ stdlibrary are not the same.

Standard Template Libraries



C/C++ Standard Libraries

Comparison Chart - STL support by C++ Compiler Releases

Compiler STL
Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5 No support for C++ templates, a mandatory feature for STL :-(
Microsoft Visual C++ 4 Shipped with very early version, in the installation CD directory “STL”. No automatic installation
Microsoft Visual C++ 5, 6; Microsoft Visual Studio 97 Shipped
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 Not supported
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2005 Shipped
Borland C++ 3, 4 Not shipped
Borland C++ 5.0 Shipped with very early version
Borland C++ 5.5; Borland C++ Builder 5, 6, X Shipped
Open Watcom 11c Not shipped, current version of STLport must be patched
Open Watcom 1.9 Shipped with the limited, unfinished “Open Watcom STL” (OWSTL)
GNU C++ Shipped since GCC 2.95


Graphical Frameworks and Graphical User Interfaces

Fast Light Toolkit ( FLTK ) [ for C++ ]

FOX [ for C++ ]

  • FOX Toolkit for C++ on Linux/X11, Windows - “FOX stands for Free Objects for X. It is a C++ based class library for building Graphical User Interfaces”.


GraphApp [ for C++ ]

  • The OpenSource GraphApp for Windows, Linux - “A toolkit for platform-independent graphical user interface programming in the C languag”.

GIMP Toolkit / GTK+ / GTK+ 1 / GTK+ 2, Gtkmm [ for C++, Python,... ]

The Framework

GUI Designer


Microsoft GUI Frameworks



MFC [ for Watcom C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++ ]

Windows Template Library ( WTL )

MiNT for ATARI-ST / 68K [ for C/C++ ]

Open Central "V" [ for C++ ]

Open Computer Vision Library ( OpenCV )

Open Motif, Xlib


    • The commercial Open Motif.
        • 3.Question: “Does the Open Group Public License for Motif meet the Open Source Guidelines?”.
        • Answer: “No. The Open Group Public License for Motif grants rights only to use the software on or with operating systems that are themselves Open Source programs”.


Open Palmtop Integrated Environment ( OPIE )

Object Windows Library ( OWL ) , OWL Next, Borland OWL, Borland VCL, Borland CLX, Kylix Open [ for C++ ]

Qt [ for C++, Python ]


QML of QT5

QT 5

Qt 4

Qt 3

Qt 2



Python Bindings


Third Party Tools & Ports


Feedback by a professional Developer

  • The professional developer of a free, but not OpenSource EDA tool ( available on Windows since 15 years, since a few years on MacOSX ) gave me feedback about if there will be a Linux version:
    • As of 2014, in opposite to 10 years ago, there are less people ( interested in EDA tools ) using Linux, while MacOSX became much more popular.
    • The MacOSX port of the EDA tool was done with native frameworks, not with QT.
    • The major developer has severe negative opinion concerning QT, which prevented him from using QT to do the MacOSX port, and so which prevent him from doing an easy Linux port:
      • Not really stable.
      • Memory leaks.
      • If you need canvas graphics and not just menus, QT doesn´t offer much.
      • The successful use of QT for the Linux desktop “KDE” and other applications didn´t impress him much.
      • A commercial developer license is not really cheap ( for small companies, not his/her problem as the developer works for an big international company ).


  • MeeGo - “The MeeGo developer offering is based on the Qt SDK and API and includes the most recent releases of Qt Quick and Qt Mobility”.
    • GUI: “PyQt4 tutorial”, “PySide tutorial”, “Qt4 tutorial”, “Ruby Qt tutorial”.

VOG / WinGraph32

wxWidgets ( formerly: wxWindows ) [ for C++, Python ]






  • The commercial mdm "ZINC" for Linux, Windows, MacOSX.

Some other multi-platform GUIs

  • X11, Xt, XView.
  • Lesstif.
  • Athena Widgets, XaW3d, XaWPlus.
  • “ls -l /usr/ports/x11-toolkits”.

Database Query Languages, Database Frameworks and Database Interfaces

Networking & Communications Frameworks

The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment ( ACE ), The Ace Orb ( TAO ), ZEN

Common UNIX Printing System ( CUPS )

  • CUPS - “The standards-based, open source printing system developed by Apple Inc. for Mac OS® X and other UNIX®-like operating systems”.


Netscape Portable Runtime ( NSPR )


  • RabbitMQ for Java, Python,.. - “Messaging that works”.

txObject ATK [ for C++, Python ]

  • SourceForge "txObject ATK", SourceForge "txObject ATK" - “A C++ and Python Framework”. “An OS independent C++ & Python object library. Built in the 90s, it provides a 5-layer framework: Object Library, IO / Timers, Threads, Inter-Process / Distributed Object Communication”.

POCO C++ Libraries

Signal / Slot Libraries

Hardware Graphics Frameworks

DirectFB for Linux Framebuffer Device

  • DirectFB - “DirectFB is a thin library that provides hardware graphics acceleration, input device handling and abstraction, integrated windowing system with support for translucent windows and multiple display layers, not only on top of the Linux Framebuffer Device. It is a complete hardware abstraction layer with software fallbacks for every graphics operation that is not supported by the underlying hardware. DirectFB adds graphical power to embedded systems and sets a new standard for graphics under Linux”.
  • KDE.News: "GPL'ed Qt on DirectFB!", 2003-07-19. The embedded version of Qt can be used to run on the Linux framebuffer.




Hardware Frameworks

EABI - Embedded ABI - Application Binary Interface (ABI)

ARM Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard ( CMSIS )


Third Party


Intel Atom Developer Program SDK

Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix

Frameworks for Home Theatre / Home Automation / Mobile Devices

Espial, HipTop, Danger Hiptop

  • Espial - commercial Java UI frameworks for set top boxes / TV sets, wirless devices.
  • "" ( - 2004-11-06 ).
    • “An industry-sponsored community for Java developers building applications for smart Internet devices, such as iTVs, wireless devices, automotive infotainment systems, and Internet appliances. We offer news and industry trends, Java courses, discussion forums, tutorials, contests, free development tools, and a place to showcase your killer apps”.
    • “In July 2004, the forums will migrate to”.


Mobile Phones

Google Android ( Operating System )

Symbian ( Operating System )

BlackBerry ( Phone )

Some other Phone SDKs

    • Download cnet "Mpowerplayer" - “Lets you play an entire library of mobile games right on your desktop, for free. It's a storefront for finding, trying, and buying software for your mobile phone. Every game in our extensive catalog has a playable demo, and with a few clicks you can buy games and send them to your mobile. Download the player for free, browse the games, and play before you pay. It's the smart way to buy mobile games”.

Operating System Frameworks

Win32 API

Multimedia / Audio / Video Frameworks

Numerical Frameworks

Web Applications & Rich Internet Applications Frameworks

Some other open APIs, open Technologies and Open Standards

Data Feeds



OpenSource Libraries / Runtime Environments used by Capgemini, as of 2011-07

  • Acegi Security.
  • ActiveMQ.
  • AjaxJSPTags.
  • Apache Axis.
  • Apache POI.
  • Apache Webserver.
  • Cairngorm.
  • Common-Controls.
  • Commons Collections.
  • Commons HttpClient.
  • Commons Logging.
  • Derby.
  • Dozer.
  • Drools.
  • Eclipse BIRT.
  • Eclipse RCP.
  • Eclipse Web Tools Platform.
  • Equinox.
  • Grails.
  • HSSF.
  • Hessian.
  • Hibernate.
  • HylaFax.
  • JBoss AS.
  • JBoss Cache.
  • JBoss RichFaces.
  • JBoss jBPM.
  • JGroups.
  • Jakarta Tomcat.
  • JasperReports.
  • Lucene.
  • MyFaces.
  • MySQL.
  • OpenCMS.
  • PostgreSQL.
  • SNMP4J.
  • SQLite.
  • SWT.
  • Saxon.
  • Spring Framework.
  • Spring Web Flow.
  • Struts.
  • T-Baukasten Hibernate.
  • The Grinder.
  • Velocity.
  • XMLBeans.
  • Xalan.
  • Xerces.
  • Xerces-C++.
  • iBATIS.
  • iText.
  • jQuery.
  • log4j.
  • log4net.

Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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