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[hemmerling] Automation & Process Logic Control

Organizations, Fairs, Events


  • UniversalAutomation.Org - “An independent, not-for-profit association of users and vendors managing the implementation of an industrial automation shared source runtime, based on the IEC 61499 standard. This new level of shared technology provides the basis for an ecosystem of portable, interoperable, “plug and produce” solutions and creates an entirely new category within industrial automation. UniversalAutomation.Org is open to new members willing to change the game of automation”.
  • Club of Metalworking - Free membership.
    • Free Admission. Club members receive free seasons tickets to the premier trade fair, the EMO Hannover as well as to the international trade fair, the METAV in Düsseldorf.
    • Free Public Transport. Get in and off you go: Only as a club member can you take a free ride by bus and train to the EMO Hannover and METAV on local public transportation.
    • Member Card. The exclusive club card is your ticket to the world of metalworking. Show that you are one of us, and enjoy the many benefits.

Fairs, Events

Online Events


Control and Communication Systems for Automation and Process Control

IEC 61131 Process Logic Control Programming PLC - PLC Systems, PLC Hardware, PLC Software

IEC 61499 - Standard for distributed Control and Automation

Function Plan Engineering ( Funktionsplan-Engineering )

Process Control & Process Visualisation ( Process Logic Control implemented with IEC 61131 / IEC 61499 Languages )

AVEVA / Schneider Electric / Invensys "Wonderware"

The Company & its Products
Commercial Wonderware Apps for Smartphones ( free Download )
Wonderware's Standard Demos
  1. “Reactor Demo” ( shipped with Wonderware since first release ).
  2. The ArchestrA Workflow demo “Wonderbrew Corporation” with a beer brewery businesscase.
  3. “System Platform Demo” ( by the German sales office ).
Wonderware's Mascot - a Cow
Events 2021

Process Control & Process Visualisation ( but Process Logic Control not implemented with IEC 61131 / IEC 61499 Languages )

Some other PLC Systems

OpenSource PLC Software

OpenSource PLC Code Libraries

Some SCADA Systems

SCADA / Process Visualisation
    1. Siemens COROS.
    2. DE.Wikipedia "WinCC" - “Die Varianten Basic, Comfort und Advanced dienen zur Projektierung von Bedienpanels wie der Vorgänger WinCC flexible (Nachfolger von ProTool), während die Variante Professional auch für die Projektierung von HMI-Systemen auf PC-Basis geeignet ist”.

Some other Companies in the Automation / PLC Industry

Automation & Drives



  • FANUC Deutschland GmbH - Market leader of CNC machnes. Experts told me that FANUC once defined the CNC standard ( the “G” and “M” commands ).
    • With special-purpose machines, there is often the system structure:
      • PLC.
      • Main controller. An embedded PC with a Linux based (Realtime) OS called “HeROS 5”.
        • Conversion of CNC code into PLC code.
        • Uploading of IEC61131 software code into the PLC. By that, the Linux PC controlls the machine by the help of the PLC.
        • Note: Experts told me that in the early 2000th, Heidenhein's controller was running Windows with a “realtime kernel”.
      • Windows based HMI, with CNC code generation and display.
    • Heidenheim's CNC language is named “Klartext”.



Driverless Transportation

Motor & Transformator Protection - How to build Control Cabinets / Control Boxes according according to IEC & UL

Motorschutzschalter, Motorschutzrelais, Trafoschutzschalter

Motor & Transformator Protection - How to build Control Cabinets / Control Boxes according according to IEC

  • It is possible to use transformer-protective switches ( “Trafoschutzschalter” ) on the primary electric power side according to IEC.

Motor Protection - How to build Control Cabinets / Control Boxes according according to UL

  • There is no transformer-protective switches ( “Trafoschutzschalter” ) on the primary electric power side allowed, according to UL.

Control Cabinet / Control Box Manufacturer


Some other important Players in the German Automation Industry


Safety Products Manufacturers



Software & Hardware Design for Automation Industry

Impact of Hardware Resets

  • A hardware reset has negative effect on:
    1. Operation-hour counters in PLCs which just store data in PLC's RAM.
    2. If you configured your control parameters manually, for several hours ( without hand-written documentation of the data ).

Approval Button / Enabling Switch ( "Zustimmschalter / Zustimmungsschalter" )


Paper Magazines

German Books about PLC Programming

English Books about Information Technology for Manufacturing



Forums, Newsgroups, Communities

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