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[hemmerling] Electronic Design Automation ( EDA ) 2/5 - Schematics Capture, Schematics Simulation and PCB Design

Organisations and Events


  • EIPC - “The EIPC is a network of Professionals of the Electronics Industry providing platforms”.
  • Fachverband Elektronik-Design e.V. ( FED ) - “Fachverband für Design, Leiterplatten- und Elektronikfertigung”.


Tools for Electronic Circuits Design & Simulation

SPICE ( PSPICE, LTSpice / LT-Spice, Spice OPUS, Ngspice, WinSPICE...)

Online SPICE versions

SPICE versions, with and without Limits

PSPICE, based on "Berkeley Spice 2"
The free LTSPICE / LT-Spice, based on "Berkeley Spice 3" - no limits !
The free Berkley SPICE
The free XSPICE
The free Spice OPUS, based on "Berkeley Spice 3f4" and "XSPICE" - no limits !
The free NGSPICE, based on "Berkeley Spice 3f5" and "Xspice" - no limits !
Windows Simulation Program with IC Emphasis ( WinSpice ), based on "Berkeley Spice 3f4" - Shareware
Intusoft SPICE, based on "Berkeley Spice 3"
  • Intusoft ICAP/4 - Limits of the demo version: Maximum of 20 elements. Subcircuit models with a maximum of 20 elements.
Penzar Development TopSPICE
  • Penzar Development TopSPICE - Limits of the demo version: Number of nodes 64; number of top level transistors and subcircuits 20; number of subcircuit transistors 15; total number of top level components 30; number of subcircuit definitions (macromodels) 5; maximum data memory usage 1 MByte.
National Instruments Electronics Workbench "Multisim"
Texas Instruments TINA-TI Simulator
Beige Bag Software "B2 SPICE", based on "Berkeley Spice 3"
Some other circuit schematics simulators based on Berkley SPICE
  • ELDO.
  • SABER.

IBIS Tools


Some other free EDA Tools

Some other commercial, but affordable EDA Tools



Tools for Printed Circuit Boards Design

Free PCB & Schematics Tools

Commercial PCB & Schematics Tools

      • “HOSCHAR EDA ist nun Altium Europe GmbH: Der EDA-Geschäftsbereich der HOSCHAR AG gehört seit 17. Juli 2002 zum weltweit operierenden EDA-Hersteller Altium (früher unter dem Namen Protel bekannt) und führt seit dem die Geschäfte der Altium Europe GmbH”.
      • If you were just in need for electronics design and simulation software, notice that in the 1990th and early 2000s Hoschar Systemelektronik GmbH was willing to send you a free demo CD with tons of demo versions of such tools, including PC-SPICE. For non-professional operations, many of those demo versions were sufficient.
    • Altium Designer 14 is a still single-threaded 32-bit Windows application.
    • For proper 3D graphics operation, graphics cards with “Shader Model 3” support are necessary.
      • Intel i3 / i5 / i7 CPUs with “HD4000” graphics are suitable.
      • “Shader Model 3” was even implemented in some legacy AGP graphics cards like “Nvidia 6800”. See 3D Graphics Frameworks!
    • Altium Designer coomponents:
      • Platform.
      • Schematics design.
      • FPGA design ( with focus to support the prototyping hardware board Altium Nanoboard 3000. )
      • PCB design.
    • User interface:
      • “ö” ( German keyboard ) = ”~” ( US Keyboard ) = Shows all shortcut options.
      • F1 = Help.
        • Altium Designer 13 and earlier: Microsoft Win32 Offline help.
        • Altium Designer 14: Online Altium tecdocs.
      • Tab = Setup / configuration of the function just in use.
  • Bartels AutoEngineer for Windows and Linux - “A famous EDA/CAE/CAD/CAM software system for schematic capture, printed ciruit board design and IC/ASIC design”.
    • Editions:
      • The commercial “Bartels AutoEngineer” for Windows or Linux, with affordable entry edition.
      • The free, fully functional “BAE Schematic Editor” for Windows or Linux. “The software configuration (BAE Demo or BAE Schematics) can be selected during or after installation”.

Commercial Tools for Strip Board Projects

Electrical and EMV Simulation of Boards

PCB Data Formats

Online Shops for Printed Circuit Board Production


Forums, Newsgroups

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