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Local commercial Event Places

My Involvement in Virtual Communities

  • I was introduced to SecondLife in January 2007, by my SL buddy Gerhard Vacano.
  • I was a faithful reader of the free PDF magazine Avastar ( 2006-12-21 - 2008-05-02 ).
  • I really got virtual “Addidias” SL shoes, on the “Addidas” island at Secondlife, in 2007.
  • I visited the virtual offices of some brand companies, including “Deutsche Post” and “Microsoft”, in 2007.
  • I participated in some special Secondlife events :-), see below.

Milgram´s Reality-Virtuality Continuum

  • EN.Wikipedia "Reality–virtuality continuum" - The Reality - Virtuality Continnum by Milgram & Kishino, 1994.
  • Advanced “Reality - Virtuality Continnum”.
    • Reality - Real Environments ( RE ).
      1. Mixed Reality.
        1. Augmented Reality ( AR ).
          1. Haptic interfaces ( Haptische Interfaces ).
          2. Spatial AR ( Räumliche AR ).
          3. Holospacial AR ( Holoräumliche AR )
        2. Augmented Virtuality ( VR ).
          1. Semi immmersive VR ( Semi-Immmersive VR, Halb-eindringende VR ).
          2. Immersive VR ( Eindringende VR ).
    • Virtual Reality - Virtual Environments ( VE ).


    • “Better spaces to gather around. Spend time with your friends, coworkers, and communities like you would in real life”.
    • Legacy 2D retro graphics style, similar to DOS games of 1990.
    • Pricing plan with free basic account “Free Tier Accommodates 25 Online Users!” :-).

Minecraft / Mindtest





Linden Labs

Third-Party Viewers and Tools



Services and its Tools
Tools and its Services


Destination Guide

Event Calendar

Official Destination Guide and official Map

What and where is Mainland ?

Third-Party Services

Do Second Life Viewers run on my Hardware ?

Supported Hardware by Second Life Viewers

  • Notebook “ASUS Eee PC T101MT”, running Win8Pro √.
  • Notebook “ASUS K95VB”, running Win10Pro √.

Unsupported Hardware by Second Life Viewers

  • Computer with graphics card with too little graphics card memory ( e.g. 64 MBytes RAM ) - Though SecondLife is running, the display is not proper and not suitable for operation - In many cases, you just see incomplete sets of buildungs and landscapes.
  • “Dell Vostro 1000” notebook, with “ATI Xpress 1150” graphics card, running Win8Pro :-(:
    • Neither legacy nor current versions of SecondLive viewers, including “Phoenix Viewer” and ”“Firestorm Viewer”, refuse to play on Win8-Pro, by the error message “Second Life is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware. Please make shure you have the latest video card drivers and even if you have the latest, try reinstalling them”.
    • I was told that the SecondLife viewers run on WinXP and Vista on that computer, if the latest dedicated graphics driver for WinXP or Vista respectively, is installed :-). But for Win7 / Win8, there are no dedicated graphics drivers anymore :-(.


Design Tools

Commercial Content Designers & Content Providers

Workflows & File Formats for Mixed Reality / Virtual Realtiy / Augmented Reality

  • 3D software → ( 3D model data format ) → Animation tool → ( 3D animation data format ) → Game Engine Development Tool.
3D Formats
Preparation of 3D Models for VR / AR Applications
  • Given 3D models must be reduced in complexity.
    • Either you re-build your own model.
    • Or you use 3D conversion tools to reduce complexity ( and not just to convert a data format ).
      • The commercial PiXYZ - “PiXYZ Software helps industrial companies and 3D consumers re-use CAD data for any visualization scenario, saving them time, effort and maximizing visualization performance”.




The Platform


Some other Virtual Communities and Virtual World Simulators

Secret City

  • Secret City - “Die Chat-Community in unserer virtuellen Stadt kennt keine Langeweile. Baue Dein eigenes 3D-Appartement”.


The Platform ( - 2014-01-24 )



  • The just-commercial virtual fair cloud platform Fairsnext.
    • “Virtuelle und hybride Messen”, “Die Zukunft von Veranstaltungen gestalten. Wir verhelfen Veranstaltern, Eventagenturen und Unternehmen zur optimalen Lösung für virtuelle und hybride Messen oder Events in Echtzeit-3D mit intelligentem Match-Making”.
    • YouTube advertising in 2022-11.

Free and OpenSource Virtual Systems

Collaborative Browsing

Miniature Railways

Past and Legacy

Still active Events

Past Events

Discontinued Online Magazines and Paper Magazines

Discontinued Third-Party Services

Legacy Resources



Forums, Newsgroups

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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