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[hemmerling] Google Android 4/11 - App Debugging

Android Debugging Frameworks

Android WebDriver of ADT

Android Testing Support Library: ( Espresso, uiautomator,...)


  • Appium - “An open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It drives iOS and Android apps using the WebDriver protocol”.


  • Calabash - “Automated acceptance testing for mobile apps”.



    1. Apple is not a fan of one-purpose apps created for few hundreds of users.
    2. Plagiarism. Don’t even try to steal someone’s app idea or functionality or 'get inspired' by it. Ensure that your concept is original or at least improves an existing one, otherwise you will be marked as a 'Copycat'.
    3. Violating Apple’s In-App purchase rules.
    4. Submitting a 'demo' or 'beta version' of your app.
    5. Violating the Human Interface Guidelines.
    6. Slow apps.
    7. Bad localization.
    8. Abuse the iOS file system. Since iOS 5.1, data that can be saved in the iCloud is not allowed to be saved on a device.
    9. Steal the dragon’s gold: use Apple’s images.
    10. Forget about privacy policy.
    11. Bad description.
    12. Don’t mind the bugs.


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