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[hemmerling] Electronic Design Automation ( EDA ) 1/4 - Installation Engineering

Tools for Design of Electric Schematics for Installation Engineering

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Lightswitch Dimmers

My Lightswitch Dimmer of the late 1970th

  • “50 340/41/43/45”, “10 A 250V”, “220V ~+/- 10%, 50 Hz 200W 0.9A”.
  • 230V input “P”, 230V output ”~/”.
  • Fuse “1 A flink”.
  • In my flat:
    • In 2 rooms, the red and black cables to connect to a lightswitch come from top. So I have to disregard a black cable from bottom.
    • Wireing “Ausschaltung”.

The Lamp operated by the Lightswitch Dimmer

  • The Lamp operated by the Lightswitch Dimmer, since 2020-11, has a “Globe” light bulb.



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