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[hemmerling] Electronic Design Automation ( EDA ) 4/5 - Design for Application-Specific Integrated Circuits ( ASIC ) - Design of analog Chips

Free VLSI CAD Software

Alli@nce VLSI CAD System

Caltech "Chipmunk" VLSI Design System

"Electric" VLSI Design System

The Tool



"LASI" Integrated Circuit CAD for Windows



Open Circuit Design ( Magic, XCircuit, IRSIM, Netgen, Qrouter, Qflow, PCB )

Tim Edwards

Asynchronous VLSI and Architecture Cornell University

Magic @ Digital Equipment ( DEC ) - Compaq - Hewlett Packard ( HP )



"Microwind" VLSI Tools for physical Layout and "Dsch" Schematic Capture/Simulation

The commercial Tool

  • Microwind - “CMOS layout design & simulation tool”.

The free lite Tools

  • Import and export of CIF files is not supported by the free non-commercial edition.
  • Experience of 2006: But even with the commercial version, the imported projects might not pass the design rule checks ( DRC ).



MyCAD Educational Packages

The Company & the Tool

  • There are 14 days evaluation versions of the commercial “MyAnalog XV” “MyChip Station XV”, “MyLogic Station XV” and “MyVHDL Station XV” available for download.

MyChip Station Educational Packages

  • The discontinued free "MyChip Station V6.4 Educational Packages" ( - 2008-11-02 ).
    • “MyAnalog Station EV” ( including SPICE ).
    • “MyChip Station EV” ( including SPICE. Just 14 days evaluation for the layout editor “LayEd” ).
    • “MyLogic Station EV”.
    • “MyVHDL Station EV”.

MyChip Station Student Packages

Tanner L-Edit 7.12 Student Edition

The Company & the Tool

The free Tanner L-Edit 7.12 Student Edition


Some other free or affordable Tools for Electronics Design & FPGA Design

Some discontinued Tools for Electronics Design & FPGA Design

OpenSource Hardware





EDA / VLSI Tools Resources

General EDA, FPGA and ASIC Resources

Appropriate OpenDirectory Directory Pages

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