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[hemmerling] Virtual Machines, P-Code & Byte-Code Interpreters

Programming Languages & Platforms with P-Code & Byte-Code Interpreters






General BASIC

Special BASICs with Threaded Code

  • EN.Wikipedia "DAI Personal Computer", DE.Wikipedia "DAI (Computer)" - “The BASIC interpreter was remarkably fast for the time because it pre-compiled to an internal byte-code, unlike the Microsoft BASIC interpreter which most other systems of the time used. DAI variables could be up to 14 characters long. The internal byte code used pointers to a variable look up table at the bottom of the code, which made the code extremely compact, despite long variable names. This technique was rare (only other known examples are the ABC 80 and BK-0010), and is remarkably similar to that now used for Java”.
    • “BK-0010.01 . The follow-up version, БК-0010.01 (sometimes referred to as -0010-01), is essentially the same machine, but with a conventional full-travel keyboard and a Vilnius BASIC p-code compiler in the ROM, correcting the weakest points of its predecessor. While the BASIC dialect used is quite powerful and well-optimized (it is actually a somewhat scaled-down clone of MSX BASIC)...”.
    • EN.Wikipedia "Vilnius BASIC" - “It was a quite advanced BASIC and, instead of being an interpreter like most systems of the day, featured a runtime threaded code compiler that compiled the program when one entered the RUN command. The dialect was very close to MSX BASIC”.


Tcl / Tk


V8 JavaScript engine

WebAssembly ( WASM )

Zork's Z-Machine

The original Tool & Third-Party Interpreters


Popular successfull OpCodes, P-Codes & Byte-Codes



Java Bytecode

Python Bytecode


BASICODE - Concept für highly-portable Software Transfer

    • “An application that was specific for each computer model, called Bascoder, managed the recall and storage of programs and data in this unified format from tape”.
    • “In 1986, the new BASICODE 3 standard was developed. The most important additions were routines for simple monochrome graphics, reading and writing data from within programs and sound output... The last revision of BASICODE, which featured color graphics, was released as BASICODE 3C in 1991”.
    • “So, when recording programs, the commands are not read and written in the form of single byte units (tokens), but character by character”.

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