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[hemmerling] International Data Spaces / Industrial Data Space ( IDS )


IDS - International Data Spaces ( formerly: Industrial Data Space )

Industrial Data Space e.V.

IDS Connector vs. OPC-UA

  • According to experts, IDS has advantages over OPC-UA:
    1. Participant view - What are yor partners. What capabilities does your data partner has, as organisation ?
    2. Data Usage control. The capabilities of an organisation might be used for access control.
    3. Definition of Data Assets.
  • In general, experts considert the use of XML data formats, as with OPC-UA, as “too fat” for telemetry.
  • The “IDS Connector” approach might be suitable to fulfill the requirements of the “EU General Data Protection Regulation” ( GDPR ). See Security.
  • The “IDS Connector” concept with it's enforcment of usuage control might be similar to the “Open Digital Rights Language” ( ODRL ). See Linked Data & Linked Open Data ( LOD ).


FIWARE - Claiming to become the first OpenSource Implementation of the IDS Architecture

  • See FIWARE.
  • There is an IDS Connector, implemented by a FIWARE Orion Context Broker.

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