[hemmerling] Industrial Data & Industrial Data Exchange

Interfaces & Protocols for Automation

Bit Alarm Procedure

Windows Data Transfer Technologies




.NET Remoting

Interfaces & Protocols for MES


Directory Services


Electronic data interchange ( EDI )


File Transfer, Access and Management ( FTAM )

ISO 10303 - Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data ( STEP )

ISO 15531-44

ISO 20242 & ASAM–GDI


Radio-Frequency Identification ( RFID )

Remote Procedure Call ( RPC )

SAP's Interfaces

Special Devices

Andon Board, Andon Button


Distributed Control System ( DCS )

    • Foxboro Data format without text ( = CSV data format ).
    • Foxboro Data format with text ( = CSV data format ).


Mobile Computers for visual Data Acquisition

  • pixolus GmbH - “Mobile visuelle Datenerfassung Abtippen war gestern”. “Produkte (1) Verbrauchsablesung durch Mitarbeiter (2) Kundenselbstablesung”.

Mobile Computers with "Windows Mobile 6"

Printing, Scanning,..


  • “Scale Listener” - instrumentation device for scales.

Universal Machine Connectivity ( UMCM )

Time Stamping

Continous timestamped Data Storage without Influence of Daylight Savings

  • It is important that a MES software stores data with timestamps in UTC and not in local time. The problem are daylight savings applied to local time in many countries, including EU: In Spring, you have a gap of one our in your datastream, in Autumn you loose data of 1 hour ( as it is not possible for most MES systems, to store 2 datasets with the same timestamp :-( ).

Temporal Validity

Web Services

Interfaces & Protocols for PI Systems

Distributed Network Protocol ( DNP3 )

IEC 60870

IEC 61850 / 61400-25

Modbus IDA, RTU, TCP

Control and Data Communication Concepts & Data Sources

OLE for Process Control ( OPC )

SEMI Standards


Equipments Data Acquisition ( EDA )

  • SEMI Interface A Standards ( E120, E125, E132, E134 ).
  • EDA does not replace the SEMI SECS/GEM standards or the SEMI GEM 300 standards, since EDA does not provide any features for equipment control or configuration. Instead, equipment suppliers support EDA in addition to other required interfaces.

SEMI SECS/GEM & SEMI GEM 300 - Communications of MES Systems with Factory Equipment

  • SEMI SECS/GEM standards ( E4, E5, E30, and E37 ).
  • SEMI GEM 300 standards ( E39, E40, E87, E90, E94, E116, E148, and E157 ).
  • The Generic Equipment Model ( GEM ) defines a standard implementation of SECS-II for all semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The GEM standard defines a common set of equipment behavior and communications capabilities that provide the functionality and flexibility to support the manufacturing automation programs of semiconductor device manufacturers.

Free Software


SICLIMAT X File Format

CVS System as Base for Data Storage & Visualisation

  • In the book Kathrin Passig, Johannes Jander "Weniger schlecht programmieren", the chapter “Versionskontrolle als Softwarebausteine” describes the use of a CVS system for data storage and visualisation:
    1. Creat a file 2015-01-01.txt.
    2. Upload it to a Subversion repository with 'svn add 2015-01-01.txt', 'svn commit -m ””'.
    3. Write your data in the file 2015-01-01.txt.
    4. Updates to this file are updated to the Subversion repository by these 2 commands ( i.e. 'svn add 2015-01-01.txt', 'svn commit -m ””' ).
    5. A web server checks out the data frequently by “svn up” and embedds it into a website.

Standardized Data Models for Business and CRM

The Open Data Initiative

ICANN Open Data Initiative


Forums, Newsgroups

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