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[hemmerling] Electronic Program Guide ( EPG )

TV Guides

Important TV Guides

Some other TV Guides

Independant Contents Guide Websites

Media Products / Contents Owners

Cinema and Movies



Traditional Content Providers

German Public TV, German Public Radio

TV Stations



Radio Stations

Online Streaming of terrestrial TV and Radio


True Online Content Providers

Just-Streaming Radio


  • ALISSIA MUSIC® GmbH "ALISSIA Music", introduced to me on IFA2018 :-).
    • “The first music app that knows you and your mood. Are you ready for a music app unlike any other? Once ALISSIA learns about your favourites, it will play songs you’ll love. No more searching for music that fits your mood, no more scrolling through endless playlists. ALISSIA is your personal DJ and will get to know you better the more you use it. Discover new songs and add them to your Spotify playlists. Don’t just listen to music – listen to your music”
  • Radio Flora, Hannover.
    • Spotify Family - “Hol dir Spotify Premium Konten für dich und bis zu fünf weitere Personen, die die gleiche Anschrift haben wie du:-).


Providers of Free Online Videos

Music Services

TV in public Transportations



Providers of Free Online Photos

Commercial Online Video Providers

Exhibitions, Museums

Digital Film Festivals, Online Video Festivals

Scene Demos


Access Providers

T-Home Entertain

  • T-Home Entertain "Programm-Manager", T-Home Entertain "Programm-Manager" - for editing the “Merkliste” in the receiver, ect.
  • IP address of the Telekom VDSL router: “”.
  • Some of the device parameters ( numbers ) for configuration of the router are printed on the back of the router device.
  • How to delete any stored/recorded multimedia contents from the harddisk storage device of the T-Home Entertain box.
    • Force a manual update of the T-Home Entertain box, switch on the device 3 times, and switch off each time when you see “START” in the display. With the next power-on, the device installes the latest update.
    • Press the reset button at the back.
  • You can´t create a custom sequence of TV stations, even not with the “favourite” list.


Cable Hannover

Cable Bielefeld


Local Video Rental Services

Source Code in TV and Films

Forums, Newsgroups


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