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[hemmerling] HTML4TV - The Channel Hopper's Tube. Framed List of TV & Radio Stations

HTML4TV Slogans

  • The Channel Hopper's Tube. The Channel Hopping Tube. The Tube for perfect Channel Hopping.
  • The perfect Tube for Channel Hopping. The Tube for perfect Channel Hopping.
  • The Channel Switcher's Tube. The Channel Switching Tube. The Tube for perfect Channel Switching.
  • The perfect Tube for Channel Switching. The Tube for perfect Channel Switching.
  • The Jump Station. The Jump Station TV Set. The Jump Station Tube.

HTML4TV Implementation


  • HTML4TV - “Framed List of TV Stations, Radio Stations”, “Individual List of Online Streaming Audio, Video & TV Services, sorted according to personal Preferences”.
  • This application allows the user to sort the channels of streaming media services by own choice, even if the streaming media service does not provide this feature with its own user interface.
  • This application doesn't consume or create any video streams. But it even allows to sort channels of media streaming services of different service providers in a single list.
  • This application needs to be enabled by installing a special free third-party browser extension officially listed by Firefox & Chrome, which enables a legacy HTML4 feature.
    • There are such browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome / Opera / Yandex by different authors, some of them are even open source.
    • The special HTML4 feature allows to frame a website within a browser window of another website. The framed website is the deep-linked web page of the streaming media service channel, the framing website is the mySSP application.
    • In the past this was misused by “free riders”: The customers were enticed to look at the content of the framed commercial website with its high-value contents, while the “free rider” made money by displaying advertising banners on his framed page. This isn't the intention of this app!
  • With this application, you may just watch streaming media services which are enabled for your country in which you are situated at this moment.
    • Example:
      • If you are in Germany, you may watch TV for free “Joyn.DE”, but not on “Joyn.AT”.
      • If you are in Austria, you may watch TV for free “Joyn.AT”, but not on “Joyn.DE”.
      • If you have a commercial subscription to a streaming media service, you might modify this app so that you may watch the streaming media service channels by this app.


Adblocker Detection

  • Rakuten TV:
    • HTML4TV “Warnung. Dein Adblocker macht hier alles dunkel. Wir sind auf sorgfältig ausgewählte Werbung angewiesen, um dir Rakuten TV Free Inhalte im besten Licht zeigen zu können. Um mit Rakuten TV Free fortzufahren, schalte das Licht bitte wieder ein und deaktiviere den Adblocker für unsere Seite” :-(. “Ich habe den Werbeblocker für diese Website deaktiviert”.

Login & Cookie Settings

  • Zatoo, Pluto:
    • HTML4TV: If I select a TV channel, I must accept the cookie settings, again and again :-(, even if I switch back to a previously selected TV channel :-(.
    • If I load a TV channel into a new tab, I am asked just one time for the cookie settings, even if I load other TV channels in different tabs :-).

URLs of Category Pages are forwarded to Homepage :-(

  • Distro TV:
    • No matter if called framed ( by HTML4TV ) or unframed ( by standard web page ), Distro TV category pages are often not loaded, at first call, but the browser is forwarded to the homepage. After 2-3 tries, the category page loads, finally.


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