[hemmerling] Lua Applications and Applications with Lua as Scripting Language

Audio Software

Business and scientific Applications

Databases & Database Wrappers

Database Wrappers

SQL Databases

In-Memory Databases & Computation Platforms



  • The commercial in-memory Exasol with free limited community edition and 30 days online trial of the full commercial version - “High performance SQL analytics database”, “World's fastest analytics database”, “In-Memory Database”.
      • “Community Edition Downloads”.
        • Download a free single-node copy of the Exasol In-Memory Database that you can install and use on your own using your existing hardware (ISO or VM-Image). Please click below to register for your free download.
      • The free single-node copy of the Exasol In-Memory Database requires an Intel/AMD x86-64 (aka x64) CPU and at least 4 GB RAM. In order to use the VM-Image you additionally need a virtual machine player, e.g. VirtualBox, VMWare Player or KVM.
        • The Community Edition is limited to 1 TB of raw data. At least 10 to 20 percent of the data should be kept in RAM for optimal performance.
  • Experts told me, that Exasol is 95% Oracle SQL dialect compatible :-).
  • Experts told me, that “Exasol”'s most important commercial competitor is “Vertica” :-).

eXtremeDB by McObject LLC

redislabs - Home of REDIS


SAS Viya

Tarantool - in-memory computing platform

Firmeware & Software for special Hardware

Hardware Platforms for Lua and eLua

The Lua Hardware Platform "ESP8266"

The eLua Hardware Platform "Mizar32"

GetVera / Vera / Ezlo / eZlo Vera

Vera Shop
Vera Distributors
Lua Scripts
Forums, Newsgrousp

LuatOS & openLuat

The Realtime Operating System
IDE Plugins

Some other Firmeware & Software for special Hardware

Frameworks with Lua-based Test Framework

Game-related Software


Online Services

Text Editors & Text Processing Systems




  • The OpenSource editor SciTE.
    • Scintilla and SciTE - “Scintilla is a free source code editing component”.
    • EN.Wikipedia "SciTE", DE.Wikipedia "SciTE" - “In addition, the Lua programming language is embedded in SciTE, allowing the user further customization. One can write Lua scripts that have access to the contents of the buffer and the Scintilla API. The scripts can be triggered by a shortcut key, or on an event, providing the possibility for implementing auto-complete or other hook”.

Web Servers with Lua Support & Lua-based Web Servers

Online Video Conferencing

Web Servers with Lua Support

Lua-based Web Servers


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