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About Me


Ich habe gerade das beliebte UnitTest Framework LuaUnit auf die Online Game-Development Plattform “Core” von Manticore Games portiert, so dass durch Lua-Skripte gesteuerte Aktivitäten in einem Online-Spiel getestet werden können. Lua ist die #1 Skriptsprache zur Erstellung von Spielen für meist in C/C++ geschriebene Game-Engines und Online-Game-Development-Plattformen.


I have just ported the popular UnitTest Framework LuaUnit to the online game development platform “Core” from Manticore Games, so that activities controlled by Lua scripts can be tested in an online game. Lua is the # 1 scripting language for creating games for game engines, mostly written in C / C ++, and online game development platforms.

English CORE Profiles

  • Founder and maintainer of the popular Lua UnitTest framework for CORE ( hemmerling_luaunit ). This profile has almost the maximum of 256 friends. My 2nd profile “hemmerling2”, however, is open for new CORE friendship requests :-). I am interested in exchange of experiences, communications & feedback by other CORE programmers & artists, any level from newbie like me to expert. German+English speaking.
  • Founder and maintainer of the popular Lua UnitTest framework for CORE ( hemmerling_luaunit ). My primary profile is “hemmerling”. I am interested in exchange of experiences, communications & feedback by other CORE programmers & artists, any level from newbie like me to expert. German + English speaking. Please accept my CORE friendship request :-).

The Online Service

The Mission

Inofficial Logo "Created with Core"

Some independant CORE developers use a decal / icon “Created with Core” on their posters of their official CORE project pages. I got the answer by the CORE support “That isn't an official mark provided by us - it was made by the creator using assets they must've pulled from the website, etc.” :-).



Technical Driver Problems

Complete Deinstallation


  • “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x86) -” ( as of 2021-09 ).

Files in the Directory

C:\ProgramData\Manticore Games
C:\ProgramData\Manticore Games\Launcher
C:\ProgramData\Manticore Games\Core

News & Events

News ( Announcements )

History ( MOSTLY NO Event Announcements, but Winner Annoucement )

Special Promotion & Support of independant / third-party CORE Developer Teams

Core Game Dev Bootcamp ( CGDB )

Core Accelerator


Hackathons, Game Jams

Hashtags for / of CORE Application Developers

  • #MadeWithCore #CreatedWithCore #MadeinCore #CoreGames #Core #ManticoreGames #Manticore #UnrealEngine @CoreGames.
  • #GameDev #IndieGameDev #IndieGameDeveloper #IndieDev.
  • #Lua #MadeWithLua.
  • #kitbash #kitbashing.
  • #3dart #3dmodeling #3dmodel #GameAssets.
  • #GameJam.
  • #CoreInvitational.
  • #CoreTutorial.

Third-Party Development Tools



  • Core Documentation "Core API / Editor Extensions" - “If you want Core to use an external editor by default when you open a script file, press Esc to open up the options, then go to “Settings” and then change the path for “External Script Editor” to the one you prefer”.

Special CORE Applications, CORE Frameworks & special CORE Developers

Popular and successful CORE Developers who have already 250 CORE Friends and so who can´t be added as CORE Friend

Some special CORE Applications

CORE Applications by Developer Friends

Some important CORE Frameworks and CORE Toolkits

CORE NPC AI Kit & AI Activity Example

CORE for Game Jams - Frameworks

Dungeons & Dragons Framework

CORE Official
Community Contents
  • CORE Community Content “DnD Framework Settings UI/Game Settings” by CORE Games "marious0423".
    • “The Game and UI folders from the DnD framework. no map or navmesh”.
    • User feedback: This Communty Content basically offers the gameplay framework DnD, which can be used in advance when creating a new project. Roughly speaking, there is a level system, a simple UI and things like respawn points ...”.

Racing Framework

Suggested CORE Age Rating

Motion picture content rating system

    • G (General Audiences) – All ages admitted.
    • PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) – Some material may not be suitable for children.
    • PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned) – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.
    • R (Restricted) – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.
    • NC-17 (Adults Only) – No one 17 and under admitted.s old.

Video game content rating system

CORE Content Policies

  • The CORE support told me in 2021-06:
    • “Content policies are found here and are applied accordingly”: Core Support "Content Policies".
      • “Suggestion or performance of a sexual act, pornography, or erotica”.
      • “Profanity or vulgarity in excess of what would be permitted under a standard “teen” rating (up to age 17)” ⇒ “R (Restricted)” rating is not too hard for a CORE game??
    • “There is no “ratings system”. Content found not in compliance will either ask to be changed our outright banned”.
    • “The nature of user-generated content requires that we keep the moderation policies broad and adaptable to many situations. At the end of the day, the context in which certain things appear weighs heavily on whether it will be moderated/censored or not. One could theoretically say something rather vulgar without using profanity at all”.
    • “For things like profanity, we generally see what the community tolerates, sans a few generally offensive phrases such as the 'F-word'. If a game contains profanity and is reported by several users, we will probably take a closer look at it”.


Official CORE

    • “As an example of creativity Core enables, we’ve built Core Plaza, a hub world that explores different themes and showcases many great examples of kitbashing, materials, and VFX”.
    • “Our next patch alone will contain over 100 new castle tileset pieces, 37 fantasy weapon kitbash parts...”.
    • “Instead of bespoke props, we’d rely on a 'kitbash' mentality when producing assets”.
    • “Early concept for weapon kitbash parts. A lot of discussion goes into determining what the best atomic scale is for the parts that is creatively freeing without being too complicated”.
  • Core Academy "Intro to Game Design" - “Kitbashing: How to Create New Objects in Core”.

CORE Projects about Kitbashing




This is NOT ( about ) Core Games & Core Academy and not a Core Community

Forums, Newsgroups

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