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[hemmerling] Game Engines and Games with Lua as Scripting Language

Commercial and free Online Game Engines with Lua as Scripting Language

Core ( Core Games )

The Online Service

Third-Party Tools

  • Core Documentation "Core API / Editor Extensions" - “If you want Core to use an external editor by default when you open a script file, press Esc to open up the options, then go to “Settings” and then change the path for “External Script Editor” to the one you prefer”.


Help & User Generated Help

Help Center / Support

Lua & Lua Tutorials

Lua Tutorials of CoreGames Documentation


My suggested Learning Path

  • Play some games suggested by the system. Extra goal: Reach Level 50 for 2 players √.
Suggested Tutorials
  1. Course Core Academy - Course "Intro to Lua", Part I + II √.
  2. Video tutorial YouTube, JasonCdesign "Lua Basics Tutorial Series - Create a collectathon game" √ - “Using the Lua language in the Core games editor”.
  3. Course Core Academy - Course "Intro to Lua", Part III “Events and Game Loops” √.
    • “Basic Pistol(networked)” ⇒ “Parenting to client context. Some objects cannot be inside a client context. Shoot. Reload” :-(.
    • Instructions:
      1. “Basic Pistol(networked)” ⇒ “Deinstance this Object”.
      2. “Client Art (networked)” ⇒ “Create Network Context > New Client Context Containing This”.
        • “Wrapped networked object in client context. Client-only objects can´t be networked. Continue wrapping objects in client contect adn disable network for selected objects?”.
      3. “ClientContext (networked)” ⇒ “Game Collision = Force Off” ( this is the default setting ).
      4. You may also notice that the weapon, when equipped, could be not at all in the right spot. The animations should be correct, but the weapon position might be through your body or above your head, or rotated all weird” - Not true in 2020-04, anymore :-).
      5. *”Basic Pistol(networked)” ⇒ “Properties / Equipment / Socket = right_prop” ( this is the default setting ).
      6. “CoreContent / Utility” ⇒ “Weapon Guide 1handpistol” ⇒ “Basic Pistol(networked)”.
      7. “With the Weapon Guide 2hand_rifle 1handpistol selected, Set all Position Transforms in the Properties window to 0”.
    • The rest of the original instructions is easy to understand :-), though not all works as expected :-(.
    • Having a projectile also means that you can change how fast it travels through the air, along with other settings in the Weapon section” - No. Instead “Basic Pistol(networked) / Projectile / Projectile Speed = 25000” ( default value = 25000 , reset value = 20000 ).
    • “Universal Object Spawner” ⇒ Core Documentation, Reference "Learn Core for Global Game Jam" - “Universal Object Spawner by standardcombo will allow you to continually spawn copies of objects, so players never run out of a resource, equipment, or weapon”
  4. Tutorial Core Documentation - Reference "Modeling Basics" - “Learning modelling basics in Core by making delicious food”.
My Questions

Special Games

My Games
Some other Games by Developer Friends
Some other Games

Tips & Tricks

  • You can´t import your own resources ( graphics, sound,..) :-(.
  • Screenshot:
    • Pressing the keys ALT + PRINTSCREEN doesn´t provide a copy of the played game, in the Windows clipboard.
    • Use the “Xbox Game Bar” instead.
      • Configuration: Press the keys WINDOW + G, to activate “Xbox Game Bar”. Select the menu option “Capture” to open the capture pane.
      • Press the keys WINDOWS + ALT + PRINTSCREEN” to take a screenshot. Alternatively, you might press the button “Take Screenshot WINDOWS + Alt + Prtscrn” of the “Xbox Game Bar”.
      • Finally click on “Share all captures”. Select the wanted screenshot, and press “Copy to clipboard”.
    • You may take screenshots of the current viewport ( the graphical game preview in the IDE ), by “Publish Game” / “Take Screenshot”. The screenshots are stored in the directory “C:\Users\<user>\Documents\My Games\CORE\Saved\Maps\<project_name>\Screenshots”, with ”<user>” = the name of the Windows user, and ”<project_name>” = the name of the CORE project created by the developer with the CORE IDE. The name of the screenshot files is like “Screenshot0001.png”, “Screenshot0002.png,... Before taking a screenshot, you may walk around in the viewport by the usual IDE commands, i.e. pressing keys while keeping mouse-rightclick pressed.
  • IDE.
    • V = “Gizmo visibility turned on”. You can now see the camera, spawn points, and trigger boxes.
    • While keeping mouse-rightclick pressed, pressing any of the keys to change the viewpoint ( Cartesian coordinate system ):
      • W - Forward.
      • S - Backward.
      • A - Right.
      • D - Left.
      • Q - Down.
      • E - Up.
      • F - Move to the selected item.
      • Mouse movement - Move the view into the direction where you tear the mouse ( Polar coordinate system ).
    • Mouse-rightclick offers a menu of view options:
      • Look at Object from Top.
      • Look at Object from Front.
      • Look at Object from Rear.
      • Move Camera to the Selected Object.
      • Move Selected Object to Camera, Position Only.
      • Move Selected Object to Camera and Align Orientation.
      • Mirror Selected Object in X.
      • Mirror Selected Object in Y.
      • Mirror Selected Object in Z.
      • Drop to Floor.
  • Typical application keys:
    • W,A,S,D - Move the character.
    • SPACE - Jump.
    • C - Crouch.
    • G - Ride a mount.
    • F - Open and close a door.
    • R - Reload.
    • Shoot the default gun with the left mouse button.
    • T - Help. “Press 'T' to open and close this window” :-).
    • P - Scorecard.
    • V - Tournament Rating.
    • TAB - Scoreboard.
    • Tool / weapon change:
      • Q - Change tool / weapon +1 ( down ).
      • R - Change tool / weapon -1 ( up ).
      • 1 - Use tool / weapon #1.
      • 2 = Use tool / weapon #2.
      • 3 = Use tool / weapon #3.
    • 2021-03-03, Update - “In the meantime, the only way to exit Home World or the game you are in is to pull-up the ESC menu/Games Browser and select another game, 'Create', or 'My Collection'. Any one of these will cause you to exit the current game or Home World without exiting the Core program”.


This is NOT ( about ) Core Games & Core Academy and not a Core Community


The Gaming Platform

The Cloud Game Service



The Online Game Service

List of Roblox Games


Commercial, free and OpenSource Game Engines with Lua as Scripting Language

Aleph One

Amazon Lumberyard

Bitsquid / Autodesk Stingray / 3DS Max Interactive

Bitsquid ( discontinued )

Autodesk Stingray ( discontinued )

Autodesk 3DS Max Interactive


    • “Bitsquid is a discontinued 3D game engine with support for Linux, Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android and iOS. It uses the Lua scripting language”.
    • “Bitsquid was acquired by Autodesk in June 2014... They also rebranded the engine Autodesk Stingray”.
    • “The Stingray engine however lives on in the re-branded 3DS Max plugin 3DS Max Interactive”.

Cafu Engine

Cocos Creator, Cocos2d-x









Gideros ( Gideros Mobile ) #mobile





Marmalade ( discontinued )


Minimalist game development engine ( Moai )




  • The OpenSource PolyCode - “A C++ and Lua framework for building interactive applications. It is free, open source and cross-platform”.
  • PolyCode "Features" - “Polycode is distributed as a C++ library in tandem with a standalone IDE”.




Silent Storm

Solar2D ( formerly: Corona SDK ) #mobile


Spring RTS

Spring RTS





Some commercial, free and OpenSource Games with Lua as Scripting Language



Dota 2




  • The OpenSource game Hedgewars.
  • Hedgewars "LuaAPI" - “The Lua API in Hedgewars allows creating all scripted content in Hedgewars. Lua handles missions, styles and more. If you want to create your own missions, this is the place to start”.

FiveM - the GTA V Multiplayer Modification

Photon ( discontinued, legacy )

  • Indie DB "Photon" - “A simple game where you move along a laser, making your path using mirrors to complete various goals”.
    • 2013-05-10 - “Photon alpha4 released”, “adds Lua scripted levels and “targets” basic game mode!”.

Rising World

Scrap Mechanic

Standing Stone Games LLC: The Lord of the Rings Online ( LoTRO )




  • The commercial TheoTown - “On Android and iOS we use the freemium model while you can get the full game for a fixed price on Steam”.
  • TheoTown Documentation "Lua API" - “The TheoTown Lua API for plugins features a wide set of functions for interacting with the game and its players”.


World of Warcraft

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