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[hemmerling] Data Processing 7/7 - Machine Learning

Applied Machine Learning Academy ( AMA ) & HAISEM


Applied Machine Learning Academy ( AMA ) & HAISEM - Free Conferences, Seminars, Trainings

Free local "AMA" & "HAISEM" Events

Free "AMA" & "HAISEM" Courses

  1. “Neuronale Netze & Deep Learning”
    1. Applied Machine Learning Academy ( AMA ) "Neuronale Netze & Deep Learning" in English for students, 2019-10-16 & 2019-10-18.
  2. Applied Machine Learning Academy ( AMA ) "Die richtige Wahl der Hardware für Ihre KI-Anwendung" ( “Haisem Kurs: Hardware auswählen” ), 2021-05-12, 2021-05-19.
  3. Applied Machine Learning Academy ( AMA ) "Low-Code und No-Code für KI-Anwendungen" ( onsite in Hildesheim ? ), 2022-03-04 - No participation :-(.

Free "UpgradeIT" Courses


AI Hardware




  • AMA-NEWS newsletter, 2022-05-26: “Das MACHINA-Projekt, das durch das Erasmus+ Programm finanziert wird, bietet einen Online-Kurs über maschinelles Lernen (ML) an, der vom 9. Mai bis zum 3. Juni 2022 als Pilotprojekt durchgeführt wird. Der MACHINA MOOC ist ein aktueller, modularer Kurs für IKT-Fachleute, die ihre Fähigkeiten, ihr Wissen und ihre Kompetenzen in Bezug auf Methoden des maschinellen Lernens (ML) und praktische Anwendungen verbessern möchten”.

University of Helsinki - Elements of AI

MACHINA Machine Learning skills for ICT professionals

Raphael Schaad - AI Training Institute

The Company

Raphael Schaad


AI Tools Directory suggested by Raphael

AI Directory

  • Civitai - “Stable Diffusion models, embeddings, hypernetworks and more”.
Free Tools
Commercial Tools

By E-Mail

  1. Midjourney - “Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species”.
  2. Jasper - AI Copywriting & Content Generation for Teams - “Create amazing blog posts art & images marketing copy sales emails SEO content Facebook ads web content love letters captions video scripts blog posts 10X faster with AI”.

By AI Webinar

By AI Art Webinar

  1. BlueWillow - “Join us to Create Amazing AI-Generated Images. From logos, landscapes and characters to digital artwork, just describe the image you want and our AI image generating tool will create the perfect graphic for your project. It’s all FREE”.
  2. PromptHero - “Search millions of art images by AI models like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney...”.
    • “You're low on credits! Go Pro to keep generating images” :-(.
    • By using PromptHero, you might learn how to design prompts and especially AddOns, by looking at the prompts of successful images you like :-). Sample search - Search for “dog”.

By AI in Action Summit

  1. Content Kong KI by LinkedIn "Torsten Jäger" - “Per Klick jedes Youtubevideo in einen Artikel verwandeln und zusätzlich mit 'Künstlicher Intelligenz' einzigartige Artikel erstellen lassen”.
  2. Janet Zentel.
  3. Andreas Hacklinger, LinkedIn "Andreas Hacklinger" - “Erstelle deinen Online Kurs mit KI”.
    • Online image generation services based on Stable Diffusion:
      1. Playground AI ( no “www.” ) - As of 2023-02, 1000 free images/d :-).
    • Camera shots:
      1. Extreme close-Up.
      2. Close-Up.
      3. Medium Close-Up
      4. Medium Shot.
      5. Cowboy Shot.
      6. Medium Full Shot.
      7. Full Shot.
    • Prompt design #4: “photo, eye-level shot, inside a treehouse, wooden furniture, warm inviting atmosphere, minimalistic style, dappled light, muted greens and browns, ultra-detailed, realistic, high resolution”.
      1. Content type - photo.
      2. Perspective - eye-level shot.
      3. Motif description - inside a treehouse, wooden furniture, warm inviting atmosphere.
      4. Style - minimalistic style.
      5. Light - dappled light.
      6. Color - muted greens and browns.
      7. AddOns - ultra-detailed, realistic, high resolution.

Free Events

  • The free online event “AI Art Webinar”, 2023-02-09, 18:00.
      • DALL·E 2 - Powerful for “Inpainting”, “Outpainting”.
      • Stable Diffusion - Powerful for
        1. “Image-to-image”. Your input is (1) an image + (2) a prompt, the output is an image.
        2. “Prompt-to-image”.
      • If you have your own Discord server, you may invide the MidJourney bot by ”/imagine” from there too, so that you get your images there :-).
      • Prompt design #1: “photo, close-up portrait, 30-year-old male teacher, short blonde hair, beart, friendly, by Annie Leibovitz, dark background, studio lighting, sepia color, 8k epic detailed photograph shot on kodak”.
        1. Content type - “photo”.
        2. Perspective - “close-up portrait”.
        3. Motif description - “30-year-old male teacher, short blonde hair, beart, friendly”.
        4. Style - “by Annie Leibovitz”.
        5. Light - “dark background, studio lighting”.
        6. Color - “sepia color”.
        7. AddOns - “8k epic detailed photograph shot on kodak”.
      • Prompt design strategy:
        1. STEP1: The motive description might be the “flexible” part of the prompt = the only not “inflexible” part of the prompt, if you want to develop a prompt of photos with different contents - males, females, hair color,.. -, but with same style ).
        2. In another step, after the subject of the photo is right, you might set another part of the prompt as “flexible”, i.e. the light.
      • Prompt design #2: “Zoom background”: “a photo of a room filled with books, simpson's furniture, white floor, penthouse, large windows, paris, digital lavender, wide-angle shot, bright natural, by Tadeo Ando, design award winner, highly-detailed, 8k”.
        1. Content type - “photo”.
        2. Perspective - ” wide-angle shot”.
        3. Motif description - “room filled with books, simpson's furniture, white floor, penthouse, large windows, Paris”.
        4. Style - “by Tadeo Ando, design award winner”.
        5. Light - “bright natural”.
        6. Color - “digital lavender”.
        7. AddOns - “highly-detailed, 8k”.
        8. Midjourney parameter - ”–ar 16:9”.
      • Prompt design #3: “Abstract background” for marketing materials, website, social media, LinkedIn banner, ads, packaging: “abstract background, by Yaacov Agam, electric blue color”, “abstract background, by Monet, electric blue color”.
        1. Content type - “abstract background”.
        2. Style - “by Yaacov Agam” or “Monet”.
        3. Color - “electric blue color”.
      • With abstract images, also short prompts might work properly!
      • Prompt design #4 with “Midjourney”: “gangsta dog”.
      • The secret of good and spectacular prompts: Use artist names “by XXX” in the prompt!
      • Advanced topics:
        1. Parameters - To manipulate quality, consistence, aspect ratio.
        2. Image prompting - Give AI an image as inspiration.
        3. Blend mode - Mix up to 5 images together.
        4. Inpainging - Modify an image by prompt.
        5. Outpainting - Extend an image by prompt.
        6. Additional tools - ChatGPT, color palettes, upscale tools, image-to-prompt, face correction tools.
  • The free online event AI in Action Summit, 2023-02-25, 16:00-22:00.

Commercial Services

Eben Pagan - FUTURE PROMPT A.I. Use Generative A.I. Tools To Multiply Your Creativity & Productivity

Some other AI Tools

Smartphone ( Android )

  • idroid "MidJourney V1.0" -“Please note that in the free version, you can generate no more than 25 images”. Outdated in 2022-12.

Desktop PC ( Windows, Linux )


Some other free Events and Courses

Some just-commercial Events

Some other Projects



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