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[hemmerling] Robotics ( Robots, Drones, Industry Automation, Remote Controlled Devices, Artificial Intelligence )

Organisations & Events

3D Printers




  • Experts told and showed me, that mit most 3D printers, you can´t create objects with space, e.g. a box or canister, as the 3D printers are unable to create a top which is not connected to the bottom ( for printers which build objects from bottom to top, else it's vice-versa ). With some 3D printers, You might create a grid, i.e. a structure with small holes, in closed areas of the object.

Industrial Robotics

Robots - The Machines

Collaborative Robots ( Cobots ) - The Machines

The Tools


  • Experts told me in 2018, that the industry is interested in collaborative robots, but just to use the sensors for collision detection, but not for collaboration with humans.
  • Experts told me, that most “collaborative” robots are not equipped with a camera, as standard feature.

Robotic Simulation with COSIMIR

ROS - Operating Systems for Robots

The Software

  • ROS - “The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications. From drivers to state-of-the-art algorithms, and with powerful developer tools, ROS has what you need for your next robotics project. And it's all open source”.



Telepresence Robot for Telecommuters

Some other Tools for Robotic Design & Robotic Simulations

Educational Robotics & Fun Robotics


Romo for iPhone

Some other Educational Robotics

Parrot Drones

The Company and its Products

The offical SDKs and official Tools

Legacy 2nd. Generation of Drones ( "AR.Drone 2.0" )

Current 3rd. Generation of Drones ( Bebop Drone, Rolling Spider, Jumping Sumo, Skycontroller )

Third-Party Software for legacy 2nd. Generation of Drones ( "AR.Drone 2.0" )

Some other Control Software & Frameworks for legacy 2nd. Generation of Drones ( "AR.Drone 2.0" )

Java based Control software
NodeCopter - Node.JS based Control Software
Some other Node.js based Control software
Python based Control software

Windows Binary

Third-Party Software for current 3rd. Generation of Drones ( Bebop Drone, Rolling Spider, Jumping Sumo, Skycontroller )


Some other Drones & Helicopters

The Tools

  • microdrones GmbH - helicopters.
  • JAMARA e.K. / Jamara Modelltechnik” - “RC-Modellbau vom Feinsten”. Rremote controlled items ( airplanes, cars, helicopters, boats ), also as promotional items.
  • SKYE Drone, 2020 - “HIGH-TECH: A New Affordable Selfie Drone Is Transforming The Market, Sales Rocket Over Past Month”.
  • Quadrokopter, X-Ufo, Brushless, Gyro - some other small helicopters.


  • Sensor experts suggest just to buy helictopers which are advertised to be equiped with the “gyro” technology, because helicopters equipped with a “gyroscope” sensor have acceptable flight behaviour for rookies, those without not :-).

Construction Kits

LEGO Technik & LEGO Mindstorms



The Tools




  • AIRINOV - “Pioneer and leader in drone-based farming applications”.


Forums & Newsgroups

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