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[hemmerling] Robotics ( Robots, Drones, Industry Automation, Remote Controlled Devices, Artificial Intelligence )


3D Printers




  • Experts told and showed me, that mit most 3D printers, you can´t create objects with space, e.g. a box or canister, as the 3D printers are unable to create a top which is not connected to the bottom ( for printers which build objects from bottom to top, else it's vice-versa ). With some 3D printers, You might create a grid, i.e. a structure with small holes, in closed areas of the object.

Industrial Robotics

Robots - The Machines

Robotic Simulation with COSIMIR

Some other Tools for Robotic Design & Robotic Simulations

Educational Robotics & Fun Robotics


Romo for iPhone

Some other Educational Robotics

Parrot Drones

The Company and its Products

The offical SDKs and official Tools

Legacy 2nd. Generation of Drones ( "AR.Drone 2.0" )

Current 3rd. Generation of Drones ( Bebop Drone, Rolling Spider, Jumping Sumo, Skycontroller )

Third-Party Software for legacy 2nd. Generation of Drones ( "AR.Drone 2.0" )

Some other Control Software & Frameworks for legacy 2nd. Generation of Drones ( "AR.Drone 2.0" )

Java based Control software
NodeCopter - Node.JS based Control Software
Some other Node.js based Control software
Python based Control software

Windows Binary

Third-Party Software for current 3rd. Generation of Drones ( Bebop Drone, Rolling Spider, Jumping Sumo, Skycontroller )


Some other Drones & Helicopters

The Tools

  • microdrones GmbH - helicopters.
  • JAMARA e.K. / Jamara Modelltechnik” - “RC-Modellbau vom Feinsten”. Rremote controlled items ( airplanes, cars, helicopters, boats ), also as promotional items.
  • Quadrokopter, X-Ufo, Brushless, Gyro - some other small helicopters.


  • Sensor experts suggest just to buy helictopers which are advertised to be equiped with the “gyro” technology, because helicopters equipped with a “gyroscope” sensor have acceptable flight behaviour for rookies, those without not :-).

Construction Kits

LEGO Technik & LEGO Mindstorms



The Tools




  • AIRINOV - “Pioneer and leader in drone-based farming applications”.


Forums & Newsgroups

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