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[hemmerling] Management 1/2 - General



Change Management

Change of Paradigms



Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Civilization Lost / Lost Global Civilization

Climate Change / Global Warming due to Humans ?

Collaborative Consumption ( "Nutzen statt Besitzen" )

Context Switching

Creative Answers of Pupils

Creativism, Forgery of Time

Cultural Dimensions, Intercultural Collaboration


Hauptsatz der Produktionstechnik

  • Hauptsatz der Produktionstechnik.
    • Wer nicht anfängt wird nicht fertig.
    • Wer nicht aufhört, auch nicht.

Keystone Advantage

Konsens ( Consensus ), Konsent, Kompromiss ( Compromise )

Local exchange trading system

Leadership Means & Methods

Moon Hoax

Moonshot Project

Negative Thinking, Positive Thinking

Oak Island ( Nova Scotia )

Pattern - Template of a modern Pattern ( UX Approach )

  1. Context.
  2. Problem.
  3. Solution. How to use the pattern in context on a meta level.
  4. Consequences - Where the solution is applicable.




Reciprocity / Social exchange theory

Rube Goldberg Machine

Shadow IT

Systematic Inventive Thinking ( SIT-System ) by Amnon Levav & Jakob Goldenberg


  • EN.Wikipedia "Skeuomorph", DE.Wikipedia "Skeuomorphismus" - “Eine Stilrichtung hauptsächlich im Design, bei der Objekte in ihrer Gestaltung ein anderes Material oder eine Form eines älteren, vertrauten Gegenstandes nachahmen, ohne dass diese durch ihre Funktion begründet ist”.

Slow Movement

Social and economic Transition of the Energy System ( and of our Society )

The People & The Movement

Theory ( Pro )

Theory ( Negative )

Tipping Point

Threat of Technology by Nature

TRIZ ( Teoria Reshenija Izobretatjelskich Zadacz ) / TIPS ( Theory of Inventive Problem Solving ) by Genrich Altshuller

Trust reduces Complexity

Niklas Luhmann


Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR )

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Getting Things Done ( GTD )

David Allen


Management 3.0

Market Strategies

Organisations, Behavour in Organisations, Development of Organisations

P3MPlus - Management System, combining the Best of PMI, Prince2 and IPMA/GPM

Policy Deployment


Service Management

Simplify Your Life

Supply Chain Management

Niels Pfläging - "No Management"

Toyota A3 Report

Portals, Online Magazines



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