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[hemmerling] Management



Change Management

Change of Paradigms



Civilization Lost / Lost Global Civilization

Collaborative Consumption ( "Nutzen statt Besitzen" )

Context Switching

Creativism, Forgery of Time

Hauptsatz der Produktionstechnik

  • Hauptsatz der Produktionstechnik.
    • Wer nicht anfängt wird nicht fertig.
    • Wer nicht aufhört, auch nicht.

Keystone Advantage

Local exchange trading system

Leadership Means & Methods

Moon Hoax

Systematic Inventive Thinking ( SIT-System ) by Amnon Levav & Jakob Goldenberg

Slow Movement

Social and economic Transition of the Energy System ( and of our Society )

The People & The Movement

Theory ( Pro )

Theory ( Negative )

Tipping Point

TRIZ ( Teoria Reshenija Izobretatjelskich Zadacz ) / TIPS ( Theory of Inventive Problem Solving ) by Genrich Altshuller

Threat of Technology by Nature

Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR )

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Getting Things Done ( GTD )

David Allen


Management 3.0

Market Strategies

P3MPlus - Management System, combining the Best of PMI, Prince2 and IPMA/GPM

Policy Deployment


Service Management

Simplify Your Life

Supply Chain Management

Niels Pfläging - "No Management"

Toyota A3 Report

Portals, Online Magazines



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